3Rs~Mission Statement

07 Feb

3rs-on-khaki.jpgLaunching a new concept into a heavily populated & commercialized community is never easy. However, with the availability of the Internet, doors are opening for new voices to be heard in almost every conceivable arena. It was only after careful consideration, support and encouragement that I have stepped into the book reviewing forray. Albeit small, and ever so gingerly, steps non-the-less. The reception I have received has been nothing short of amazing, from authors, publishers and readers alike. 
            3Rs or “Real Reader Reviews” provides authors/publishers and most importantly readers with honest, objective, and insightful opinions. Each book is evaluated independently and only after it has been read to conclusion, are the specific characteristics analyzed and critiqued. As with any review, it is merely an opinion. In this case, it is my opinion. I do not utilize the star ranking system, unless specifically requested by the publisher or author. Why? Because in my humble opinion, as a result of all the 5 star reviews, the weight of the system has been voided. While, I have read many wonderful titles, that are very close to an absolute perfect rating, they aren’t perfect. Does that mean that I can state a specific flaw that if corrected would change the rating from a 4.9 to a 5.0? No, it simply means that in my eyes giving a rating of 5.0 means there is no room for improvement whatsoever. Of course, Twain, Poe, Emmerson, and the like would most definitely be awarded the coveted 5 stars. My question is, would that have been the case in their day? Probably not. Because it is only after a book has stood the test of time that it is deemed a ‘classic – a true work of art.’ 
             So, there you have it. My opinion. Which is subjective and easily argued. I have listened to several very convincing arguements for the rating systems and the use of the 5 stars. However, if all the books rate 5 stars, where does that leave a reader when standing in the store trying to decide between two books, in the same genre, with basically the same plot, etc.? Confused and unsure even after reading the reviews. 
             I hope that you find the reviews posted here entertaining, interesting, and informative.  Although it is never my intention to harm an author or a title, I am obligated by a personal sense of integrity to state my opinions honestly and without reservation. Just because a title doesn’t appeal to me, doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for it. Movies, music, art and books come in all shapes and sizes, much like the people that enjoy them! What may very well be a classic to me, may in fact be boring to someone else and vice versa. It is for this reason it is so important to have a wide variety of creative talents available to the public. Thus making it possible for everyone to enjoy a book. Which is, afterall what has motivated me to begin this journey………………to share my love of reading with others!

 Happy Reading!
    RJ xx

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