Re: What’s On the Other Side…by Carla Masterson (children’s)

20 Apr

What’s On The Other Side of The Rainbow?
Written by: Carla Jo Masterson
Illustrated by: Omra Jo Fochtman
Children’s Fiction
ISBN 10: 1-59975-228-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-59975-228-0
Harmony Soup Publishers
Father & Son Printing & Distribution
The first thing that I noticed was the oversized, imprinted, hardcover, reminiscent of the Golden Books I loved so much as a child. What’s On The Other Side of The Rainbow has everything a parent or educator could ask for in a children’s book. Making it a rare find that will leave children pleading…. “ read it just one more time, please,” and parents happily obliging.Carla Jo Masterson has created a literary work that will leave children smiling and parents feeling good about their choice of reading material. To deliver messages of such importance in fun, enjoyable ways is a testament to the talent of the author. Together, with the illustrations by Omra Jo Fochtman, this book should be read in daycare centers, schools, and homes everywhere.What’s On The Other Side of The Rainbow is much more than a bedtime story. Carla introduces us to Mr. Positively, who leads the reader not only through the book, but through a door to understanding and accepting ourselves and our feelings, as well as, those of others. .With the number of broken homes increasing, school violence and bullying on the rise, and the general decline of moral values, the need for a book such as this has never been greater. Carla Jo Masterson has answered that call with What’s On The Other Side of The Rainbow. To create a morally sound, entertaining book for children is no easy feat. However, Masterson has delivered all this, with a genuine sincerity that is both heart warming and refreshing!Happy Reading!
RJ xx

Review submitted & acknowledged 4/17/07. Documentation available.


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