Re: 13 Days by LA Starks

21 Apr

13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy
by L A Starks
ISBN: 1-933285-45-1
$15.95 US/$18.95 CAN
Brown Books Publishing Group

The devastation and havoc caused by hurricane Katrina should have been a wake up call for America. But, as soon as gas prices began to drop, media attention reverted back to the latest tabloid issues. It is with the memory of this devastation and the long list of consequences this country could endure as a result of our oil addiction, that LA Starks penned this explosive debut novel. 13 Days is an espionage thriller taking the reader as close to the industry as possible, without dawning a hard hat and being part of the crew.With Centennial Refinery on the verge of bankruptcy and management unable to shore up their company from within, the stage was set for an outside takeover. TriCoast Energy took control of the fledgling refinery. Lynn Dayton had four weeks to prove this a profitable venture to the board of directors. She had no way of knowing what began as merely another job, would soon become a matter of life and death for the employees, the refinery, and most importantly her family. Lynn Dayton is a strong character, engaging, intelligent. Her commitment to her family is mistakenly considered a weakness for an idealist that seriously underestimated his target.With a magna cum laude degree in engineering, MBA in finance and a career in the oil industry LA Starks provides a glimpse into the politics, secrets, and vulnerabilities as only someone with her extensive knowledge could deliver. I found the notes, definitions, and diagrams to be invaluable resources. While the lengthy detailed narratives, seemed to slow the story and clog the brain, it is vital to describe various processes in a basic, easy to understand format, due to the complexity of the subject matter. The plot, characters, and settings are all well thought out and delivered with the expertise of an award winning author. 13 Days is an excellent read that is as interesting as it is frightening. LA Starks has created a suspense filled thriller, that will keep the reader thinking from the very first chapter. Plot twists, unexpected betrayals, manipulations and so much more, this one has it all. If you love a good thriller, that keeps you up reading way past your bed time, look no further than 13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy.This is an exceptionally well written novel. I found it difficult to believe it was LA Starks debut novel. Well developed characters, strong and entertaining, 13 Days is one of those rare books that stays in your thoughts long after you’ve finished reading it! With this being the First – readers are sure to have many exceptionally well crafted titles to choose from.

Happy Reading!
     RJ  xx

submitted & acknowledged 4/17/07


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