Re: Hands by MA Street

23 Apr

By MA Street
ISBN-13: 978-0595676248
ISBN-10: 0-595676232
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.

First, allow me to catch my breath, dry my eyes, and gather my thoughts….. Written by Mike Unrue, under the pen name MA Street and self-published via iUniverse, this is an exceptional read! Hands is one of the very rare titles that not only has all the right ingredients but also has brought something new to the reading public.

In David’s mind, his ability to heal others is as much a curse as it is a blessing. Never knowing who he is able to heal, is frustrating and heart breaking for David. There are times he feels the music and at other times, there is only clatter. Unable to save his own Mother he is left questioning himself, as well as, this gift. Growing up without his father David is a scared and imperfect character that is easy for readers to relate too.

Because his emotions are experienced in vivid colors and musical in nature, art just came naturally. With his artwork selling for millions of dollars, his career as a brilliant artist was cemented. If only he could keep his ’other talent’ a secret he could avoid public scrutiny and ridicule.

When David meets Sara a trauma surgeon, they fall in love. At one point, she explains that her hands are magical, giving love and dancing. It is with her that he is able to begin the journey to acceptance. What follows is truly a beautiful exchange of emotion, passion and understanding.

M.A. Street has penned an incredibly engaging story that reaches out of the book into your heart. Long after having finished the final words, I found myself thinking about the characters. This is a story that stays with you. Written with the unusual mix of professionalism, realism, and spiritualism, that will surely be revisited many times by book lovers everywhere. It amazes me that this book only reached the market because of the sheer determination of the author.

If you crave a good story, that will grab you and not let go, from the first page – this is it! Do not miss this one! I know that I have added MA Street to my personal list of favorites and will be anxiously awaiting his next book!

Happy Reading!
RJ xx
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