Re: Shepherd’s Pie by JD Webb

14 Jun

Shepherd’s Pieshepherdspie-tn.jpg
JD Webb
224 pages
ISBN-10: 1-59705-936-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-59705-936-7
Wings ePress, Inc 

Shepherd’s Pie is an old fashioned, tasty dish and was the perfect title for JD Webb’s mystery debut. Harking back to the lovable, flat foot detective novels of the good ol’ days – Webb has delivered a truly enjoyable read. Ferlin Lewis represents evil personified and is the bane of Mike Shepherd’s existence. An escaped felon, with survivalist training Lewis was a formidable adversary, Mike knew all too well.For Shepherd this was no game, he wanted nothing more than to see this psychopath neutralized. The intensity of the madness increases with each chapter, as Lewis threatens everyone close to the former cop. When Shepherd’s love interest, Diana is kidnapped, the chase heats to the boiling point.You can almost hear the oven timer in the background, as the reader continues to question who is really doing the chasing.
This cozy mystery has something to suit a variety of tastes… a great mix of heart stopping action, sprinkled with a little romance and quick dashes of humor, Shepherd’s Pie is much more than a half-baked wannabe, this is the real deal!

Happy Reading!    
RJ xx
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