Re: Twisted Perception by Bob Avey

14 Jun

Twisted Perception
Bob Avey

ISBN-13: 978-0-937660-31-7
ISBN-10: 0-937660-31-0
Deadly Niche Press, an imprint of AWOC Books


Bob Avey hits the ground running with his solo debut into the mystery-suspense genre. Twisted Perception is filled with brilliantly written characters that are as believable as they are entertaining. Kenny Elliot had a tumultuous childhood, growing up in the small town of Porter, Oklahoma. Never knowing his father and with little guidance from his troubled mother, Kenny found a friend and mentor in Sheriff Charlie Johnson. When the mutilated bodies of his friends, Johnnie Boy and Marcia Barnes are found, in a car, with Kenny’s class ring swinging on a necklace from the rear-view mirror, suspicion and town gossip pointed to the hot tempered teen. The case was officially closed when the deaths were classified a murder-suicide. However, doubts persisted within the community about Kenny’s involvement. Unable to shake the suspicions and unsure of the findings himself, he took Sheriff Johnson’s advice and left town, with no intentions of ever returning.

Nine years have passed, and Kenny Elliot is working for the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department. When Lagayle Zimmerman’s murdered body is discovered in her car, it’s the shiny necklace dangling from the rear-view mirror that catapults the detective into the spot light. As the clues mount, the crooked finger of blame seems to be aiming once again at Kenny. Plagued by nightmares and haunted by unanswered questions, he finally realized it was impossible to escape the past. Risking everything, including his own sanity, he returns to Porter determined to uncover the truth that would stop the killings, find justice for his murdered friends and clear both his name and conscientious.

Fast paced and realistic, Twisted Perception is a character driven novel, laced with intricate plot lines that could easily be part of the hushed history of any small town in America. With clinical precision, Avey has delivered a suspense filled mystery that reaches far beyond surface entertainment, to expose the deep, often hidden psychological scars left on the souls of child abuse survivors. Avey indulges Kenny’s ruminations about the old traumas that fuel his nightmares, successfully using his personal history to propel the story, instead of swallowing it whole. The palpable tension in the novel is heightened with each chapter as Avey takes the reader on a full-circle journey, reminding everyone, no matter how far or fast, you can’t outrun your past.

Happy Reading!
RJ xx
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Kenny Elliot returns in . . .

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