Re: Moon Over Chicago by JD Webb

18 Jun

Moon Over Chicago
moonoverchicago-tn.jpgJD Webb
215 pages
ISBN-10: 1-59705-893-9
Wings ePress, Inc.

What do you get when you combine a curious cobbler, a dead florist and Benjamin Franklin Washington? An amateur sleuth mystery novel over-flowing with entertaining characters that will keep you guessing and occasionally giggling.Fulton Moon is a shoe repairman who takes on side jobs from time to time as a Private Investigator. It is one of these so called “side jobs” that leads Moon into the Chicago underworld and sets in motion a series of unfortunate events. When Lucinda (Lucy), the purported battered wife of flower shop owner, J. Arthur Mathews comes to Moon seeking protection and a means of escape, he is at first, reluctant. With undeniable video proof that the businessman murdered local florist, Russell Armstrong, Moon advises her to go to the authorities. However, because of her husbands powerful connections, she is convinced fleeing is the only option.Moon could never have anticipated that his efforts would result in blackmail, kidnapping and much worse. From five star restaurants to murder, Moon bumbles his way through avoiding both serious injury and jail time. What started with a plea from a battered wife will serve as a permanent reminder that first impressions are not always trustworthy and one should never judge a book by its cover.JD Webb captures the readers imagination and never lets go! I look forward to many more mystery adventures from this new author.Happy Reading!
     RJ   😀
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