Re: Carpe Demon by Julie Kenner

26 Jun


Carpe Demon
Julie Kenner
ISN-10: 0-515-14221-2
Jove Books, published by
   The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin

Somewhere amid the picket fences and well manicured lawns is not exactly where you expect to find a butt kicking demon hunter. Which sets the stage for a unique adventure that will have Moms from coast to coast occasionally day dreaming about turning in the diaper bag for some holy water and a sharp object!

Kate Connor is certainly not the average stay-at-home Mother of two she appears to be. Keeping her past a secret from her husband and children became a lot harder on the eve of an all important dinner party. As a retired demon hunter, she should have paid more attention to her senses, when she noticed the strong stench of the undead while running through the local Wal-Mart. Much to her chagrin, the senior citizen demon would crash through the kitchen window as she prepared dinner for a group of eight that could easily make or break her husbands future political aspirations. While the perfect wine and proper table setting are essential to a successful dinner engagement – disposing of the body in the kitchen quickly became priority number one.

Julie Kenner does an excellent job bringing the reader into the world of Kate Connor. With a great deal of personality we come to understand Kate on a deeper level. Examining her hopes and dreams, as well as, the regrets and inner turmoil created by the death of her first husband, it is easy to see that even butt-kicking demon hunters feel fear. Surrounded by secrets and concerned for the safety of her family, Kate worries that her carefully constructed cocoon cannot withstand an onslaught of demon assaults.

I found a few minor glitches with the book. At times the plot line seems at odds with the characters. For example, the fact that Kate is a super-demon-slayer but was caught off guard by the demons that have infested San Diablo. The family’s all too easy acceptance of a stranger into their lives, introduced as Kate’s father-in-law from her first marriage, although she had previously stated that Eric had been an orphan And while not detracting from the story, the few typographical errors could easily be remedied.

Julie Kenner is a talented writer that has taken the mundane daily to-do list of Mom’s everywhere and spiced it up! After all is said and done the most important aspect of any book is the entertainment value – and Carpe Demon certainly has that! Filled with genuine laugh out loud moments, I enjoyed the book immensely and look forward to the second installment – “California Demon”. I am anxious to be reunited with this cast of characters.

On a personal note, I haven’t laughed out loud so many times while reading a book, in a very long time! This book is a lot of fun and I feel sure the adventures will only get better from here!

Happy Reading!
RJ xx




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