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27 Jun

 The Latest News here at Real Reader Reviews…..

With the popularity of blogs growing by leaps and bit maps – it was a matter of time before I too joined the blogosphere.  Being relatively new to the Internet and with limited computer knowledge,  it’s painfully obvious
I have a great deal to learn. Even so, I must admit…. it’s fun- which makes the attraction easy to understand. And with the ability to share information, instantaneously with friends and family, as well as, opening doors to new friendships and opportunities, it was vital for the future of 3Rs to become a permanent fixture in the blog world.

   Kid’s Korner
roadtrip.gifThe Reading bLoft is a family friendly site, featuring children’s & young adult books,
           reviews, illustrators, safety, parent tips, etc

Many authors and/or publishers have made reading guides available for their novels.  I will begin listing either the full guide or the appropriate link to the guide here on 3Rs. I would like to encourage readers to drop me a note and let me know if you find a reading guide for one of the novels listed in 3Rs Library.   

e-mail.jpgLeave us comment – let us know what you think…. the sites are a reflection of the emails & notes that I have received from readers, parents & book lovers………..I enjoy reading your notes & sincerely appreciate all the support & words of encouragement. I look forward to hearing from you!

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