Re: Paper Mirror by Dorien Grey

29 Jun

paper-mirror-by-dorien-gray.jpgPaper Mirror
by Dorien Grey
Mystery$15.95 US
ISBN-10: 1-879194-57-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-879194-57-1
GLB Publishers
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Paper Mirror is the tenth installment in the popular Hardesty Mystery series. Author, Dorien Grey has crafted a fast paced mystery that continues an established and much loved series, yet easily stands alone, welcoming new readers. Private investigator extraordinaire, Dick Hardesty was settling into the role of family man after adopting Joshua, his partner’s orphaned nephew when an invitation to a highly publicized gala leads to the most intriguing case of his career. Once a crotch-tingling playboy, Hardesty had never been particularly fond of black tie functions, he was more of the party persuasion. Jonathan, on the other hand, was always eager to square his bow tie and rub elbows with the wealthy and well to do. The fact that his favorite author, Evan Knight, would be attending this noteworthy event, just added fuel to Jonathan’s barely containable excitement. The BurrowsLibrary had been literally willed into existence by the late Chester Burrows, an eccentric collector of homosexual writings. It was said that his, was the largest private collection of books on the subject. With such a colorful character as the library’s benefactor and namesake, it was not surprising that the opening night celebration was slated to be the social event of the season. At the very moment Jonathan is being introduced to famed author, Evan Knight, the courtesies are interrupted, when Dick is informed the body of a library cataloger had been discovered in the basement. Police surmise Taylor Cate’s death was the result of blunt force trauma caused by an accidental fall down the stairs. However, due to lingering doubts among board members, Dick is asked to investigate the incident. As the story progresses readers are treated to a collage of friendships, romantic entanglements, and secrets among individuals with long shared histories. The twists and unexpected diversions are all part of this skillfully constructed mystery, which in retrospect provide several ‘a-ha‘ moments for the reader. Dorien Grey’s strong emphasis on story development and character interaction, as opposed to stereotypical fluff, has almost certainly opened the doors to a wider audience. A well written novel, that showcases our similarities rather than our differences, I recommend Paper Mirror to all who enjoy a good read.
Happy Reading!
RJ  -D
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