Re: The Life of A Soldier by GW Grant

06 Jul

The Life of A Soldier
by G W Grantgw_grant.jpg
252 pages (April 11, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1430313722
ISBN-13: 978-1430313724  

(availble in paperback, hardcover & soon to be released on audio: cassett/CD)

G W Grant’s solo debut has it all! This is an action packed novel that grabs you on page one and doesn’t let go. The reader will find exquisite gems of insight in this original work. Comprised of 252 pages, this is an informative, no nonsense read that leaves you wishing to pick-up a sequel immediately.

The story follows Bill Miles, who at twenty-five had just graduated from college with a master’s degree in business, and decided to join the Army. Sharp, quick witted and ready to take on the world, Miles completes Officers Training and receives his commission. Later, he is deployed to the Middle East as the commander of an elite, counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit, only known to those in the highest levels of government. From Fort Bragg to Iran, Miles finds himself in the midst of an invisible war, tracking a faceless enemy that hides within the civilian population and adheres to no code of conduct. He’s even forced to struggle with his superiors as his soldiers are ordered to maintain ridiculous rules of engagement when confronting this new enemy. This same amorphous struggle that now ravages the Middle East, from Gaza to Kandahar, struggles in which religion, nationalism and terrorism have assumed unimaginable degrees of ferocity, are all part of daily life, in
“The Life of A Soldier”.

Grant delivers the most intimate and detailed look into the life of a soldier, that we are likely to see for some years. Masterful in his presentation of the complexities of the human drama being played out in the deserts of the Middle East. Extremely well researched and brilliantly executed, The Life of A Soldier gives the reader a front row seat, with the counter-terrorism unit, fighting bureaucracy, trying to maintain a personal life, while surrounded by an enemy determined to destroy our way of life. Don’t miss this one! Despite your political affiliations this is a must read book.

Happy Reading!
RJ   😀
3Rs-Real Reader Reviews©

*Sequel – “Prelude To 9-11” tenatively scheduled for release January 2008!

Personal Note:
I’ve been married 15 years and never in that time has my husband read a book from cover to cover. Not once! However, “Life of A Soldier” changed that. He enjoyed this novel immensely. So much so that he is now searching for a second book that grabs his attention the way this one did! Thank goodness GW Grant’s sequel, “Prelude to 9-11”, is scheduled for release in early 2008. 


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