Re: Welcome to the Real World by Carole Matthews

16 Jul

Welcome to the Real World 
welcome-to-real-world-c-matthews.jpgCarole Matthews
Romantic Comedy (Chic Lit)
ISBN-10: 0-373-89590-9
Red Dress Ink

Carole Matthews tenth novel, Welcome to the Real World has been short listed for the 2007 Romantic Comedy Novel of the Year. A lighthearted novel filled with quick wit and totally unrealistic developments that will have you rolling your eyes and laughing at the same time. Welcome to the Real World is built squarely upon the foundation established by the romantic comedy genre – it is an escape from the gloom and doom, stress filled world where dreams are crushed quickly and no one believes in happy endings!

With the popularity of American Idol soaring, believing regular people can achieve astronomical success is no longer a crazy dream, but an expected season finale. Capitalizing on this phenomenon, Welcome to the Real World weaves Fern Kendal’s singing aspirations and a short lived opportunity to perform on Fame Game into the fabric of this fantasy tale that could only take place within the real world of Matthews creative imagination.

When Fern Kendal, barmaid and wanna-be singer lands the temporary job placement assignment of a life time, as the personal assistant for opera singing sensation, Evan David, what ensues is a genuine collision of polar opposites. While Fern has very little, lives in a shabby flat, works slinging lagers at a local pub, David rides in limosines, sipping champagne. Yet, they have much to learn from each other. Throw in all the complicating factors of Fern’s family problems, asthmatic nephew and a best friend that has loved her since their teens, and there’s a lot going on throughout this novel, much of which will take the reader by surprise.

Welcome to the Real World is one of those absolutely unreal, happily ever after stories that entertains the reader with quick humor and flaky characters. The only drawback is the lack of true interaction between the leading characters, Fern and Evan, making their relationship feel forced and contrived. However, Carole Matthews is one of todays premiere chic lit authors and with the upcoming release of The Chocolate Lover’s Club, fans are sure to be delighted as she once again provides readers with the sugary sweet conconctions romantic comedy lovers just can’t do without.

Happy Reading!
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Pre-Order: (Release date) February 5, 2008 *in the US* Chocolate Lover’s Club


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