Interview: Cheryl Kaye Tardif

01 Aug

 Good Morning, Den~Friends–
   Early this morning, with hot coffee in hand, I sat down to talk with Cheryl Kaye Tardif,  about her new book Whale starbucks-mug.jpgSong.  This book has been creating quite a buzz online and we are honored to have been Cheryl’s first stop on her brand new Virtual Book Tour!  So grab a cup of your favorite ‘joe’, kick back in a comfy chair and check out my one on one talk with Cheryl –                          (interview conducted: August 1, 2007)


Cheryl Kaye Tardif author of Whale Song

whalesong-from-cheryl.jpgISBN: 1601640072
ISBN-13: 9781601640079
Format: Paperback, 208pp

Publisher: Kunati Incorporated

Click cover to purchase from 
Welcome to 3Rs Reading Den, Cheryl, I am so glad you were able to join us this morning – it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk with you, and give our visitors a sneak peek at Whale Song.
CKT:  Thank you, RJ, for hosting me on your site today. I am very happy to be here…virtually…in spirit.  🙂

rj:  Let’s start off with talking about characters – the creation of & the relationship the character has to the author.

CKT:  Characters are often created as extensions of the author. Sometimes, when I write, I visualize a purely fictional character, someone appealing with their own set of flaws, quirk and talents. Those are the things that make a character interesting, compelling and someone you want to cheer for…. or hate. Only once have I created a character that is in many ways me. And that was Sarah Richardson in Whale Song.

rj:  Tell us more about Sarah.

CKT:  In Whale Song, my newest release, Sarah is a young woman (in the prologue) who flashes back to her childhood (age 11 to start), to a time that was filled with challenges, chaos and tragedy. When Whale Song first began to “haunt” me — for that’s how I always think of it — I immediately visualized Sarah at age 11. I saw her as an extension of me at that age.
  As she grew, I realized there were so many similarities between us. Sarah had to move from one country to another because of her father’s job; I had to move a lot when I was young too, since my dad was in the military. Sarah had to leave some of her belongings behind; I had to do the same when we moved from Canada to Bermuda for three years.
  Both Sarah and I had to leave best friends behind and learn to make new ones, probably one of the more difficult challenges for a young girl. After a while the letters from your friends stop coming, they move on and so do you. But then there are those special friendships that last a lifetime. Sarah and I experienced that as well.
   Sarah moves to a very remote part of Vancouver Island, BC. Since I spent many childhood years in Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands, BC, I know exactly what it feels like to be so isolated. I’ll admit, some of my own experiences were not happy ones. The racial tension between natives (Haida) and whites — particularly military whites — was strained. There are some scenes in Whale Song where Sarah is horribly bullied. Those come from my ow experiences. And like Sarah, time has taught me understanding, tolerance and even forgiveness.

rj: Wow – Whale Song sounds like an incredible journey, both for you as an author, and for the reader. 
  On a lighter note – readers are always curious about the personal favorites of writers… Did you have a favorite book as a child?

CKT:  I can’t really say I had just one. I share with Sarah a particular fondness to a very popular series. Because you are my first stop on the Whale Song Virtual Book Tour, AND since you unknowingly selected a Prize Day, here’s something just for your visitors….

*The first email I receive that correctly tells me what series Sarah was reading in Whale Song will win an autographed copy of Divine Intervention – a psychic suspense/romance.   
CONGRATULATIONS TO:  Melba J – she was the first to email  Cheryl with the correct answer, she will be receiving an autographed copy of Divine Intervention.   Again – Congratulations! and a big thank you to Cheryl.

By the way the correct answer is:  Nancy Drew !!!

                                                                      One prize. no returns, no cash value.

rj: That’s Fantastic! Good Luck everyone!
 Which two books have you recently enjoyed reading?

CKT:  This is an easy question to answer. Mothering Mother by Carol D O’Dell and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.  Mothering Mother is a heartwarming, and heart-wrenching memoir of a daughter coping with the care of her mother who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. I laughed and I cried. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is also a poignant story, this time a fictional story set in early China. It is a beautiful story of Chinese tradition, like old sames and foot binding, and a tale of friendship.

rj: Is there anything you hope readers will discover reading Whale Song? A message?

CKT:  As an author, I strive to reward my readers with characters they feel they know. I want readers to miss Sarah, her mother Daniella and father Jack. And I want each reader to come away with a message that life is too short to hold grudges or to hate. I believe Whale Song is the novel that will make you change the way you view life… and death.

rj:  Cheryl, thank you, so much, for taking the time to stop by and talk with me this morning. What an enlightening and heartwarming talk! Is there anything you would like to say before you go – .

CKT:  Thank you for inviting me to be here, in The Reading Den. This month I am giving away free books at some of my virtual book tour stops, so be sure to check my schedule and drop by. 16-member-profile.png

Host Closing:
   We want to thank Cheryl for chatting with us this morning and hope you, the reader, have enjoyed this interview. We want to thank all visitors to The Reading Den – Don’t forget you have a chance to win an autographed copy of Divine Intervention — just send Cheryl an email with the answer to her question: what series was Sarah reading? Good Luck!

A quick note, frequent visitors to the Den will realize that my review of Whale Song hasn’t been published. Due to a mailing issue, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy of the book.  After talking with Cheryl, I must admit, I am even more excited about reading the book.   Check back soon for my full review of Whale Song!

Available at all online bookstores, as well as, discount chains and your local brick & mortar.whale-song-by-cheryl-kaye-tardif.jpg
Whale Song
Cheryl Kaye Tardif

ISBN-10: 1601640072
ISBN-13: 978-1601640079
Kunati Inc.

VISIT Cheryl’s website for a chance to win several fantastic prizes! Cheryl will be celebrating her 44th Birthday on August 12th – & she wants You, to share in the celebration!  Cheryl’s giving away 44 prizes – cruise on over to her site & find out all the details! … 
                        click to visit Cheryl’s website  alot_of_work_emoticons.gif. . .  Good Luck!         

                                                                THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!

                          wierd-yellow-heart.png3Rs Loves Books!


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4 responses to “Interview: Cheryl Kaye Tardif

  1. Cheryl Kaye Tardif

    August 6, 2007 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks, Deborah! I had a lot of fun with this interview. I hope you enjoy Whale Song.

    For Marie:
    I’ve never given away this much before; in fact, I haven’t invested much in prizes in 4 years, so for that reason, plus it’s my birthday, plus it’s just plain fun, I decided to do it this way. Heck I know some authors who have given away flights, hotel accommodations and more…wish I could have done that. 🙂

    So rest assured, it isn’t a matter of ‘have’ to, but that I ‘want’ to. 🙂 Sure beats sitting at home, turning 44 and feeling old! lol


  2. marie

    August 3, 2007 at 12:27 pm

    Most authours shouldn’t have to give away so much of their own stuff. I see her reasoning but seems kinda weird. Good interview though. Don’t think I would like the book. Read an excerpt and can’t get into her writing style. Doesn’t grab me.

  3. Deborah

    August 1, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    I am so excited to read Whale Song. I am waiting to purchase my copies on Aug.12 which is Cheryl’s Birthday. I enjoyed the interview today I could have read more about the book and Cheryl it was an excellent interview.

  4. Cheryl Kaye Tardif

    August 1, 2007 at 10:36 am

    Good morning, RJ:
    Thank you for this great interview! If you don’t get your copy of Whale Song in a week, let me know and I’ll send you another one. 🙂



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