Interview: Bob Avey

04 Aug

starbucks-mug.jpgGood Morning Reader’s, Thanks for stopping by the Reading Den this morning -for our Saturday Spotlight… this week, We are pleased to be joined by Bob Avey, author of “Twisted Perception”


rj: Bob, thank you for taking the time to join us & answer a few questions, this morning –BA: I’m happy to. Thank you for your interest.

rj:  What books had the most affect on you, as a reader and/or writer?

BA: The most important book for me, as a writer, was A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L’Engle. L’Engle’s book fascinated and inspired me, and I knew after reading it that I, too, wanted to write. Other than that, anything by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Thomas Harris, James Lee Burke.

….I think all our readers would agree with you, sitting down with a good Koontz, Harris or King book is a wonderful reading experience.

rj:  Two school’s of thought with writing: One, you have most of the book out-lined, from the beginning or Two, you begin with a general idea and let your imagination take it from there… which would you say best describes your approach “Twisted Perception”?

BA: I fall into the second category. I’ve tried outlining but it just doesn’t work for me. What works best for me is an idea, a yellow legal pad, a good mechanical pencil and a quiet place where I can be alone.

rj:  While writing “Twisted Perception“, did you ever find yourself thinking….’gosh, how did that happened – that’s not at all what I had planned?

BA: Not really. Since I didn’t outline, I didn’t know where the book was going, or even the next chpater until I wrote it. It’s kind of scary, like walking highwire without a net, but it’s immensly satisfying when the story comes to life as it comes out of my pencil. 
rj:  When did you decide “Twisted Perception” would be the title?

BA: It happened during the last rewrite. I had several working titles, all of which involved the concept of an unusual way of percieving the world, but during the rewrite, number four by the way, I began to understand how twisted my villian really was and the title just fell into place.
rj:  Do you think about your characters, even when you aren’t writing?

BA: Yes, and the deeper I get into the novel, the more alive they become. In fact, Twisted Perception began when a character, not fully developed yet, spoke to me one night. He said, “You know, Bob, you can’t fill out a homicide report, indicating the suspect to be a ghost.” I liked the idea, and…

rj: Reader’s are curious about what author’s like and dislike the most about writing…
(1)Which part of the process was the most enjoyable for you?
(2)And the least?

BA: (1) Bringing the characters and the world they live in to life satisfies me in a way that nothing else can. When a story begins to happen and drags me in, it’s just about all I think about. It consumes me.
(2) The actual typing of the manuscript into the computer.

rj: If you could spend the day, talking with and receiving advice from any author, who would chose? BA: Dean Koontz. The man is a genius.

rj:  Do you have any new projects in the works?

BA: Yes, I’ve just completed, Beneath a Buried House, the second Kenny Elliot novel, which is actually a prequel to Twisted Perception. I’ll be sending the manuscript to an agent within the next two weeks.

rj:  Multiple installments featuring Kenny Elliott… that will give mystery lovers a new detective series to follow. That’s what I’m hoping to do. Hopefully Beneath a Buried House will be out within the year.

rj:  Any advice you would like to share with aspiring writers?

BA: The best advice I can give is to write because you love the process, not becasue you want to get rich. After that, write the best book you are capable of then rewrite it at least two more times. Be true and trust your ability, and don’t resort to tricks of gimmicks.

    Closing: I’d like to ask those who have not read, Twisted Perception, to please visit my website where chapter one can be read online. In addition, you can register to win a free autographed copy.

rj:  Bob, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in Saturday Spotlight here at 3Rs – I have enjoyed talking with you, just as I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing “Twisted Perception”… I will be anxiously awaiting your next book!

BA: (closing) Thank you for the wonderful review of, Twisted Perception. Knowing that people enjoy reading what I write is what keeps me going.

twisted-perception-by-bob-avey.gifThat’s all the time we have today – I want to thank Bob for stopping by the Reading Den and talking with us. Twisted Perception is available at all on-line retailers, as well as, your local brick & mortar booksellers. If you’re looking for a fast paced, character driven novel filled with everything from the painful scars left by child abuse to brutal murders, zodiac like clues and the constant twinge of corruption hanging in the air, Twisted Perception delivers on every level.  Pick up your copy today! 

You can read 3Rs full review of “Twisted Perception” by clicking here alot_of_work_emoticons.gif

Visit the author’s website:

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