Re:Look Into the Eyes of Evil

30 Sep
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look-into-the-eyes-of-evil-by-pk-parker.jpg  Look Into The Eyes of Evil
An FBI Badge of Honor Mystery

by P.K. Parker

ISBN: 9780977250554
ISBN: 097725055

“Look Into The Eyes of Evil” – the first installment in the new action packed FBI Badge of Honor Series from PK Parker

 FBI Special Agents Chris Delone and Marc Cullen are on the trail of a diabolical serial killer, known only as “Cutthroat”. With the identity of the bad guy revealed very early on, this is more an action packed, heart stopping detective drama than mystery novel.

The depth of this killer’s depravity is chilling, utilizing modern technology, as well as, chemical substances to incapacitate his victims Cutthroat continues to ratchet up the stakes. The inevitable showdown with detective’s takes a stunning turn, when Cutthroat discovers that the woman he considered his ultimate prey has found sanctuary in the arms of agent Chris Delone. Enraged and on the edge of absolute insanity, the killer simply adjusts his plans to include both Holly and the agent.Parker writes with distinct voice and stylized action that is exciting and entertaining. A definite no holds barred, gutsy detective novel that takes the reader deep into the psyche of a social deviant that preys on the innocent. Although I would like to see a bit more character development, as individuals, to give the reader the opportunity to become emotionally invested in all aspects of the story, “Look Into The Eyes of Evil” is a good read that sets a solid stage for future installments.  I look forward to reading the entire  Badge of Honor series.

Happy Reading !
  RJ xx


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