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01 Oct

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The Missing Locket
     Cynthia’s Attic (book one)
by Mary Cunningham
ISBN 10: 1590804414
ISBN 13: 9781590804414
Echelon Press

(Middle Grade Level/Ages 9-14)

The Missing Locket reaches out to young readers and pulls them into a story overflowing with excitement, adventures and laugh out loud dialogue.

Set in 1964, best friends, Cynthia and Augusta, are suffering from a bad case of summer-time boredom. Cynthia’s family lives in a mansion of a house, three floors filled with so many rooms just waiting to be explored. After overhearing her parents plans to clean out the attic, the twelve year old is determined to nose through those boxes before all the “good stuff” gets thrown out.

Amid all the cobwebs, antiques and creepy-crawlies was an old, rusted trunk, which belonged to Cynthia’s grandmother, Clara. Once opened, the girls discovered a dingy, time worn ballet costume, which Cynthia immediately put on. Instantly, she began to dance around the attic as if possessed by the spirit of a true ballerina! Shocked and more than a bit confused, the two girls decide to leave the attic. When they are drawn back to the old trunk…suddenly, the hot, dusty attic turns cold and everything around them looks new. Intrigued, Gus puts on a sailor outfit and is transported to the year 1914. Not long after she is joined by Cynthia and the two are swept into the adventure of a lifetime. Crossing the Atlantic on a steamship, making friends with a ghost and ultimately solving the mystery of Aunt Isabella’s missing locket.

Mary Cunningham has crafted an entertaining, fanciful adventure that will keep young readers turning pages until the very end. A fast paced read, well written, time travel story that will be treasured by all. I look forward to reading the next installment in this unique, character driven series! Don’t Miss It!

Happy Reading!
RJ   😉

The Missing Locket is the first installment in The Cynthia’s Attic series, from author Mary Cunningham. An exciting read, regardless of age– young readers concerned that Cynthia’s exploits might be limited have nothing to fear — the second book, “The Magic Medallion” maintains the same magical prose, and the third adventure, “Curse of the Bayou“, promises to keep readers turning pages.

The Magic Medallion
Cynthia’s Attic (volume 2)
by Mary Cunningham
ISBN 13: 978 1590804605
ISBN 10: 1590804600
Echelon Press Publishing

(Middle School Reading Level/Ages 9-14)
 **2006 USA Book New Finalist Children’s Book Award**

Mary Cunningham’s second book in the Cynthia’s Attic series, reunites best friends, Cynthia and Gus for another trail-blazing adventure. The amateur sleuths have a nose for trouble and just can’t resist the urge to visit the mysterious old trunk in the attic. With non-stop action from cover to cover, there’s more than enough twists, turns and danger to keep readers up past well past bedtime.

Climbing the dusty stairs, the girls knew that although there were no ghosts, goblins or giant spiders in the attic, the real excitement was in great-grandmother’s old trunk. Expecting things to be just the way they had left them, the girls were shocked to find Cynthia’s great-grandfather’s circus train in-front of the trunk. Magically the girls are thrust back in time, to the year 1914, where they eventually find themselves forced to perform by a nasty hobo clown. Rescued from the sinister Blackie, by the beautiful, fortune teller, Gabriella, Cynthia and Gus have unwittingly become entangled in the theft of her family’s most cherished treasure. The adventure is wrought with danger as the girls must travel through time and locate the magic medallion. Should they refuse, they may never be able to return to their present-day lives.

In this second volume of the Cynthia’s Attic series, the girls meet a host of new and interesting characters and explore a wide range of settings. This is an irresistible adventure series – that has it all..entertaining, exciting and engaging,– a non-stop, thrilling ride through time. I eagerly await the third installment in this unique series!

Happy Reading!
RJ    😉

Volume 3 in this delightful series is available NOW.

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One response to “Re: Cynthia’s Attic books 1 & 2

  1. Mary Cunningham

    October 10, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    Thank you for the wonderfully detailed reviews of “The Missing Locket” and “The Magic Medallion.”

    I feel honored to have 2 reviews on 3RS Reading Den!

    I’ll make sure you have a copy of the upcoming, “Curse of the Bayou.”

    Warm Regards,



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