Mwumba by Bruce Brown (comic)

29 Feb

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by Bruce Brown
Arcana Comics

Answering the call for an all ages, universally appealing comic, Bruce Brown has delivered a highly entertaining, masterfully illustrated, story that everyone can share and enjoy. There’s always been something special about comics that draws children, even those that have been reluctant to embrace books into the story. So, for all the comic-loving adults that have searched the shelves of your local store for the perfect book to introduce your children to that which you have enjoyed throughout your life…this is it!

Mwumba is a story about a little girl, named Cassandra, that is the ruler of her very own jungle. She’s self-obsessed, vain and loves being the center of attention. In her mind, everything that happens in the jungle is about her, thus making her the most important, let us not forget, the most beautiful Mwumban resident. Due to her personal hatred of vegetables, Cassandra, as the supreme and sole ruler of Mwumba, enacted a law forbidding any resident to eat vegetables. Everyday she and her loyal monkey brigade searched the jungle for new vegetables, when one was discovered it was immediately uprooted and tossed off a cliff. The “splat” noise the vegie made was music to Cassandra’s ears.

She had grown so accustomed to having everything all to herself, she was shocked when rumors began circulating about a monster in the jungle eating vegetables. Angered by this egregious breach of Mwumban law and by all the attention the jungle inhabitants were bestowing upon this stranger, Cassandra hatches a plan to rid the jungle of this monstrous invader. The story continues as Cassandra confronts her nemesis, the Bone King and ultimately finds that they really aren’t all that different after all.

Well written, illustrated with bright, vibrant colors and eye-catching scenery, this is destined to be a classic! If you are a comic-lover, or even if you have never read a comic-book before, Mwumba is an excellent introduction to this imaginative literary art-form. And how many kids wouldn’t enjoy chucking broccoli off a cliff?

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Happy Reading!
– RJ

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Artwork courtesy of Bruce Brown, creator of Mwumba


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2 responses to “Mwumba by Bruce Brown (comic)

  1. Bruce Brown

    May 15, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    Just wanted to let everyone at the Reading Den know that Mwumba will be coming out in November 2008. Thanks again to the Reading Den for the great review.


  2. Janice

    April 10, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    Adorable. I love this! Thanks for the headsup we would never have known this was out there. Thanks again.



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