Untamed Highway (comic-book)

02 Mar

Untamed Highway
by  Shawn Dickinson & Noah Snodgrass

Modern Comic
Untamed Comics/$3.95ea.

With the creation of Untamed Highway, the long forgotten art of classic comic book style has been re-energized in this cross-country, freak-showish road trip through the back alleys of American Popculture. Shawn Dickinson and Noah Snodgrass take readers on a time warped adventured down an imaginary route 66 where we are introduced to some outrageously entertaining characters…gorrillas wearing masks, shrunken heads on tikis, alligator boys and several other carnival freak show escapees, hot vixens with all the right attributes and of course, the secret societies where members wear those adorable fez hats. There’s really no way to adequately lable or describe this series, except to say that it is a heck-of-a-lot a fun to read and you can’t help but get caught up in the craziness that is American Popculture.

So, if you’re looking for a highly imaginative, classic-style comic with loads of personality, excellent dialog and incredible illustrations – Untamed Highway has it all and just keeps getting better with each new issue! 

Happy Reading!
– RJ

Shawn Dickinson & Noah Snodgrass have loads of talent and limitless imaginations, both of which are on stunning display in this classic-styled, underground comic book, bristling with lowbrow, kustom kulture artwork that must be seen to be appreciated. Check it out!

available for purchase at

Visit the creators at MySpace: by clicking the Image Below

Click here to find out about Issue 3!

 Illustrations & artwork featured here are copyright protected and are the sole property of Untamed Highway’s creators, Shawn Dickinson & Noah Snodgrass, please do not repost, print or use without permission.



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