Butta & the Tower of Bling

02 Apr

Butta and the Tower of Bling
by Corey A Burkes
Fiction/Urban Fiction/Suspense-Thriller
ISBN 10: 0979635209
ISBN 13: 978-0979635205

Skyelight Literature

Corey Burkes has defined Urban Fiction with his debut novel, Butta and the Tower of Bling.  Delivering a suspenseful, action packed read that is absolutely original and loaded with in your face attitude.

Lingo Stein had gone to great lengths to establish his company, Stein Diamonds as the number one diamond producing company in the world and he would go even further to protect it. Certain that Lingo Stein’s vast enterprise and extensive wealth had been built upon a creation stolen from her father, Butta dedicated herself to one thing…revenge!Getting her hands on a man that was seemingly untouchable would take a great deal of planning and would involve substantial risks. Together with three of her trusted friends Butta begins laying the groundwork for the a high tech heist and a cold-blooded execution. Fifteen years in the making, Lingo unveils his latest project, a diamond vault, housed in a brand new, state of the art tower. And this is just what Butta had been waiting for…but she would have only one shot…she had to make it count! Successfully breaching Lingo’s extensive and quite deadly security system was only part of a much larger plan. The questions swirl as the tension rises…Can revenge bring comfort to the grieving? How far is too far? A refreshing novel that never feels fake or rushed…it flows easily, with each chapter adding depth and substance to this detailed picture of urban culture. You will find no cookie-cut characters or stifled dialogue here, instead, Burkes allowed the cast of characters to be true to themselves– If a character is an unpolished rogue thief, the context of their narrative reads as such. Burkes ability to draw out such strong emotions and portray dastardly deeds from polar opposite positions propels the story. The ugliness that keeps the wheels of power and greed turning even at the expense of others as opposed to the love of a daughter for her father and the lengths to which she will go to avenge his death makes for an original reading experience. With such originality and strength, I look forward to reading Burkes future works.

Happy Reading!


 CLICK to listen to the first episode of Butta & the Tower of Bling


kangaroo.gif  Butta & the Tower of Bling


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