Oxygen by Carol Cassella

07 Aug

Oxygen by Carol  Cassella


Carol Cassella

ISBN 10: 1416556109
ISBN 13: 97814116556107

Simon & Schuster

Now available in Paperback

Simon & Schuster Publishing

I could not have picked a better time to read this book – with health-care front and center on everyone’s mind, you can’t turn on the TV or radio without hearing the subject being debated and argued from almost every conceivable angle. Oxygen, the debut novel from Carol Cassella takes the reader into the operating room and  the heart and mind of anesthesiologist, Dr. Marie Heaton.

This is the story of a compassionate, caring doctor, that put her personal life on hold to pursue a career. Yet despite her dedication and vigilance finds herself in the midst of a nasty malpractice suit that threatens to destroy her well crafted world. She quickly discovers that many of those she trusted and called friends have alienated her, except Dr. Joe Hillary, her ex-lover who appears to be her lone supporter. Marie’s family relationships are typical of most, on one hand there’s her sister Lori and her niece, Elsa with whom she has a warm, loving bond. While on the other hand there’s her father, a retired history professor, who’s struggling with losing his independence.

The carefully choreographed chaos of the operating room, where trained professionals and monitors interact in a delicate dance to sustain the lives of their patients has always remained somewhat “off-limits” to the lay person. Cassella opens the door and lays bare the cold, hard truth from the OR to the board room. She paints with broad deliberate narration that utilizes every word, the result is a tight, concise, eye opening novel that entertains every step of the way.

Happy Reading!

*Additional Comment*

No dictionary or medical terminology books required! This is not the stereotypical “medical thriller.” Carol Cassella utilized her extensive knowledge and experience to blend the perfect mix of accurate medical terms, high stakes life and death drama, emotional real world family issues, while exploring a harrowing fall from grace and the journey to personal acceptance, forgiveness and redemption. Well done! I can’t wait for Cassella’s next novel –

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