18 Nov

(My experience with SlimShots)

SlimShots *Chocolate pods

Being the new product on the shelf, combined with some creative advertising, SlimShots has received quite a bit of buzz for its ability to carve a whopping *30% off the plate without leaving you feeling hungry, so we gave it a try. Upon receipt I read all the enclosed information and then spent an hour or so researching the product. The following morning I contacted my Family Physician (HCP, health care provider) and got the green light.  

What’s in the box? Fourteen day supply of SlimShots, which consists of 14 individually wrapped containers that are best described as restaurant style coffee creamers, that come in vanilla or chocolate flavors. This individual, chocolate flavored liquid contains a mere 20 calories, with two active ingredients, oat and palm oil. I know oats are primarily fiber and fibrous foods delay digestion adding precious time to the hunger clock. As for the Palm Oil, some reports link the medium chain triglycerides in the oil to an increase metabolic rate, but more research is needed.

Day 1-14
I have to admit I was excited to get started, however, that quickly gave way to a feeling of ickiness when I got my first taste of the SlimShot. Oh my goodness – the flavor is just awful…on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being absolutely intolerable and 5 being scrumptious, I would have to give this a 1.5 or 2. During this experiment I tried mixing the SlimShot with a variety of drinks only to find that doing so simply prolonged the unpleasant taste. For me the best way was to just down it quick. Over the next several days I continued with one SlimShot at breakfast, but found this wasn’t curbing my appetite, so on day 5 I added a second SlimShot pod at lunch. (This is in accordance with the instructions/suggestions provided by SlimShots.) This did seem to suppress the appetite- although I can’t accurately measure the amount of food eliminated or avoided,  I made a conscientious effort to reduce the amount food on the plate and did not return for seconds. (This is a matter of self-discipline, not as a result of any product.) As far as side effects, I didn’t experience anything other than some mild stomach discomfort on days two and three, which I link to the additional fiber. I only mention it because I want to be thorough. No jitters or nervousness or anything like that – because there are no ingredients in SlimShots to cause such side effects.

In a nut-shell.
I would classify SlimShots as a maintenance tool –at best, as I don’t see it resulting in weight loss. Of course individual results will vary, as will opinions, but for me, this experiment did not result in weight loss or even satisfactory appetite suppression. It seems to me this is more a placebo effect – if you believe it is benefiting you, you benefit from it. And if that works for you – great! However, after evaluating my results and weighing the cost of the product vs the minimal benefit, and the unpleasant flavor, I could not, in good faith, recommend this product. That said, I must give credit to the company for not advertising SlimShots as a cure all but as a tool that will achieve best results when used in conjunction with proper diet, exercise and possibly a second dietary supplement. On their website there’s a list of suggestions that make it clear weight loss or maintenance must be a part of a complete “life style change.” And this is refreshing, since most diet aids make monsterous claims and rarely, if ever, suggest the need for any exercise or portion reductions.

SlimShots *Vanilla pods 


Weight loss, weight control, appetite suppressant – despite the tag line attached the goal is the same, to shed some pounds, quickly and hopefully painlessly…and it is the addition of those two adjectives that causes the problem…Because we live in a society where everything is super sized and speedy fast we have come to expect the same with respect to health issues, especially weight loss. Unfortunately it seems that we are just going to have to accept the facts: 1) the weight gain did not happen over night, so conversely weight loss cannot be obtained over night. 2) there is no magic pill or remedy that will allow us to sit on the sofa snacking and lose weight 3) weight loss requires a life style adjustment, that includes eating healthy and some exercise 4) self discipline is a key ingredient, because when all is said and done it comes down to personal choices.


*The statements by SlimShots have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. SlimShots is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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