Micro One Touch Razor

26 Nov

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Opening the box the first thing I noticed was the sleek travel case and modern attractive logo. The case closed with a ‘snap,’ tight and even on all sides. This may sound like “nit-picking,” but cases that fail to close properly is one of my pet peeves.


Picking the razor up I was shocked by the weight. This is not a flimsy razor. Precision crafted from chrome plated brass you can tell the difference between this instrument and others simply by holding it in your hand. Placing a blade was quick and easy. And a simple twist opens the razor for a fast clean up!


Because I was used to using plastic refillables or throw aways, the Micro One Touch took some getting used too. Which is why I felt it only fair to give it more time before rendering my opinion. I am certainly glad I did, because a week or two just wasn’t enough time for me to get used to the drastic difference between this razor and all the ones I’ve used since I first began shaving. The instructions are fairly complete and easy to follow. However, there are a few things that came with use and time. Try not to go over the same section without reapplying shaving cream, shave with the grain vs simply up and down and lastly don’t apply pressure, the razor requires no more pressure than that which is achieved by leaning your head sideways and placing the instrument on your cheek. May I also suggest using old-school shaving lather and a brush to apply thus avoiding propellants and added artificial lubricants. 

The Micro One Touch would make a great Christmas gift!


If you haven’t tried the One Touch, you should! Billed as “The Modern Version of A Timeless Classic,” this is the last razor you will ever buy. Made of solid brass, chrome plated and precision crafted for the perfect shave. You can order online today for $19.99 and receive the deluxe travel case and 12 replacement blades. Pay separate shipping & handling and receive a Bonus 12 blade pack and you have enough to last all year.


Pawn Stars' Rick HarrisonAre you a Pawn Stars fan? Well this is Rick’s razor! click here to watch a short video promo

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**Note: If you’re having trouble with harsh shaves, you may want to try a different brand of blade. All blades are not created equal, they have different coatings, grindings and metallurgies.


Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!


A Letter to Santa

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