Envirosax Organic Series Shopping Bag

30 Jan


Envirosax Organic Series Shopping Bag 3

Envirosax Organic Series Shopping Bag 

The Envirosax Bamboo Bag is light-weight, soft, environmentally friendly and attractive. The tan color, with the white leaf design works well with any attire and even doubles as a carry all or purse. “Envirosax” and 3 small “clipart style” pictures (a leaf, recycle arrow & butterfly) are printed on the complimentary, tan, drawstring bag, a mini version of the large bag, with all the same attributes. While many of us have the best of intentions when it comes to the planet, we are creatures of habit, and we haven’t quite gotten into the “habit” of taking our bags with us to the store…Envirosax’s Bamboo Bag has gone a long way in bridging that gap… Combining function with fashion means we are more likely to carry this bag…Which is exactly what I did. I have carried the bag, as a purse, to the library & to pick up a few small items from the grocery store…and I found the bag relatively easy to carry, (both in the hand or on the shoulder), although adding 1 inch of fabric to the strap would make the latter more comfortable. It is the quality of the construction that concerns me – after less than two weeks of light use, both sides of the bag have frayed, torn threads. Which leads me to believe if I were to use the bag on a daily basis, or for weekly shopping it would fail in a short period of time.
All in all it’s a good idea and with some improvements to the construction would be a wonderful asset, both to the environment and the consumer. If you aren’t going to use this bag daily or you carry very little with you, it’s probably going to be okay – however, if you are looking for a bag that you can shop with weekly, you might want to find something a bit sturdier.
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