White Fire by Preston & Child

02 Apr
White Fire by Preston & Child


White Fire by Preston & Child
Hachette Audio
978 1 61969 462 0
11 CDs approx. 13 hours
Narrated by Rene Auberjonois

Roaring Forks Colorado doesn’t seem like the kind of place you would find a 150 year old murder mystery. ..and that’s exactly how the powers that be have kept it all these years. Until Agent Pendergast’s protégé,  Corrie Swanson arrives in town, with a laundry list of questions and a lack of self  control that quickly lands her in jail facing ten years for tampering with human remains. What began as a simple project spirals into a battle of life and death that allows the reader a rare glimpse at Agent Pendergast’s soft side.

Preston and Child have delivered a novel that combines three major story lines into a fast paced, action packed read…weaving a lost Sherlock Holmes story, a murder mystery that’s been kept hidden for 150 years, with a present day serial arsonist that tries to hide his gruesome crimes in the ashes. While there are a few situations that stretch reality and seem to require superhero abilities, you’ll be so wrapped up in the action it doesn’t matter.

The hardcover is a page turner for sure, but the audio version will keep you on edge like no book ever could…Returning to narrate is the talented Rene Auberjonois. You may recognize Auberjonois from his reoccurring roles on Boston Legal, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Benson and The Practice, the last two earning him Emmy nominations. White Fire will light a fire in your audio player and keep you listening right up to the very end! This writing team has perfected their “individual” style…setting themselves apart within this crowded genre. Unique situations, a leaf charater that’s as unusual as his choices of work attire and transportation, and the ability to weave past, present and future, define this best selling duo.

Grab a copy of White Fire and settle in for a ride as thrilling as a trip down the slopes!

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