Michael Jordan, The Life

05 Aug

Michael Jordan, The Life

By: Roland Lazenby

Read By: Bob Souer

ISBN-10: 1478927666
ISBN-13: 978-1478927662
Hachette Audio

ISBN-10: 0316194778
ISBN-13: 978-0316194778
Hardcover: 720 pages
Little Brown & Company


Many books have been written about Michael Jordan and as a fan I’ve read most of them and I must say this veteran sportswriter has done his homework. Capturing this iconic figure’s presence, character and accomplishments in print, without being boring, dry and jammed with statistics, is no easy feat.

Michael Jordan is a man with no need for introduction, from the unforgettable ‘82 NCAA Championship game-winning shot to six NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls, his talent was undeniable…it was almost super-human. His aerial abilities lead to a nickname that would far exceed the boundaries of the basketball court, it would become a brand recognized the world over…Air Jordan. Michael Jordan was a basketball phenomenon, businessman, spokesman, family man, and unknown to most, a troubled man. From his early days in North Carolina catching a ride with the coach to school so he could practice, to continuing one-on-one games until he won, this laid the work ethic foundation that would lead him to greatness. But, fame and fortune have a dark side, the pressure of living under a microscope, having every detail of your life publicized takes its’ toll, and Michael Jordan, for all his greatness, was no exception.  Lanzeby covers the gambling debts, bad business ventures, feuds with other players instigated by Jordan to elevate his game (specifically Isaih Thomas and Magic Johnson), the tenuous relationship with Jerry Krause, Chicago Bulls GM, which many blame for the Bulls fall from glory, the uninspired minor league baseball career, and the horrific murder of his beloved father.

There’s a lot here and that’s because Michael Jordan is a complex individual…perfect? of course not, he is flawed like everyone else; however, he did perfect his game and in doing so elevated his teammates. From a selfish, self centered ball hog to a selfless team leader MJ was a man on a mission…to take the game of basketball to whole new arena and that venture was most definitely successful! “Air Jordan” will live on and remind us of a time when a man seemingly floated in midair, magically putting that orange ball through the hoop, giving new meaning to “nothing but net.”

I feel this is the definitive MJ biography. Well, up to this point in is life. If you’re a loyal fan or just curious what all the fuss was about…this IS the book to read. The audio version is delightful. Adding the exquisite narration by Bob Souer takes the experience to a new level of enjoyment. The emotions are conveyed effortlessly reminding one of how a lazy river flows, comfortably and natural.

The Life is a wonderful audio experience that entertains for hours. Don’t miss it!

1988 Slam Dunk Contest, WINNER
Home Crowd in Chicago

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