Along Came A Spider & Kiss the Girls

14 Nov

Author:  James Patterson (Alex Cross #1)
Narrator:  Charles Turner
ISBN-13: 9781619694125
ISBN-10: 1619694123
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
approx. 12 hrs (listening time)
Hachette Audio

For all the loyal Alex Cross fans out there, Hachette’s release of Along Came A Spider will be a Must Have! Charles Turner’s narration adds a new dimension to the novel that will put chill bumps ontop of your chill bumps. This book introduced the world to Detective Alex Cross and there’s been no looking back. Built like a boxer, a smooth ladies man who enjoys playing the piano, Cross is a loyal friend, loving son, dedicated father and relentless pursuer of justice.

Gary Soneji is the polar opposite of Cross, he’s evil to the core and has one desire..”to commit the crime of the century.” Soneji is a master manipulator, skilled liar and one of the most beloved teachers at the D.C. private school for children of the rich and famous. So when the mild mannered, popular math teacher abducts two students, the secret service is caught with its proverbial pants down…and for this embarrassment someone’s head is going to roll.

Along Came A Spider is the disturbing story of a brilliant, psychopath matching wits with a hard nosed detective. James Patterson knew the one thing that made this killer truly terrifying was his normalcy. This guy was accepted in elite circles, admired by children and worked everyday in the presence of the United States Secret Service…what could be more frightening?

I’ve read this book a couple of times, but the audio book was a new experience for me I really enjoyed being able to sit back, relax and just listen. Charles Turner is an incredible narrator, that gives Alex Cross a strong, well defined voice, while allowing Soneji’s thoughts of himself to sound stronger than his actual voice. It’s a very entertaining audio experience!

Author:  James Patterson
Narrator:  Miachel Kramer
ISBN-10: 1619694131
ISBN-13: 978-1619694132
Grand Central Publishing
fcddd                         Hachette Audio



Excerpt - Kiss The Girls by James Patterson

James Patterson reaches in the second book of the Detective Alex Cross series..with two vicious killers. Both are handsome, smooth,”ladies man” types –  terrorizing the Raleigh/Durham area is the psycho dubbed “Casanova”, his West Coast counterpart is the “Gentlemen Caller.” Are they competing? or working together? The murders are gruesome and not easily forgotten.

Once again,in Kiss the Girls, the reader is asked to trade their intellect for a few hours of fast paced twist and run entertainment and with James Patterson behind the pen it’s definitely a fair trade. Patterson knows how to crank up the motors and keep ’em running, in overdrive from cover to cover. The action is well plotted, developed thoroughly and brought to a satisfying conclusion.However, I can’t say the same for the romantic entanglements while not leaving much to the imagination, it certainly leaves the reader wanting. There’s no real substance to the romance, it feels forced, fake and out of place. In my opinion the book would’ve been better had Patterson not attempted to include romance as a third story line.…this book in the hands of a lesser writer would’ve been a dud



Michael Kramer, Narrator

Audiobook veteran and AudioFile Earphones Award winner Michael Kramer has recorded more than two hundred audiobooks for trade publishers and many more for the Library of Congress Talking Books program. His audiobooks include North and South by John Jakes, and a number of other Jakes titles; capers and mysteries by Donald E. Westlake (a.k.a. Richard Stark), including Money for Nothing; and Robert Jordan’s fantasy-adventure fiction. In addition, Michael received Audie Award nominations for The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson and Dead Aim by Thomas Perry, and a Publishers Weekly Listen-Up Award for Savages by Don Winslow.

Need a good series of books to keep you warm during the long cold winter nights?



Check out my review of this latest Patterson collaboration.




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