Annie is No Julie

05 Mar
Annie is No Julie

  • ISBN-13: 9781616201616
  • ISBN-10: 1616201614
  • Publisher: Shannon Ravenel Books
  • Publish Date: August 2013
  • Page Count: 336

“The Road from Gap Creek” explores modern American history through the lives of an ordinary family persevering through extraordinary times.”

A tough life, filled with back breaking work, heart breaking loss and natural disasters, Morgan’s first book, Gap Creek gave readers a look a life in the Applachian area, at the turn of the century. We met Julie and Hank Richards, followed them through the first year and half of their marriage. Julie was a strong character that readers longed to hear from again. Fast forward to 2015, Morgan revisits his beloved couple…well sort-of…The Road to Gap Creek is told through the eyes (and voice) of the Richards’ daughter, Annie. While she may be her mother’s daughter, she’s certainly not the storyteller her mother was. While the characters are likeable enough, they just aren’t “deep”. It’s hard to have a vested interest in people when the story jumps back and forth repeatedly throughout. Also, several of the main plot elements are laid out in the early pages of the book, leaving only the details to be filled in later. It’s a good read. I’ve read worse for sure. But, it is disappointing.

This is the “follow up” to Morgan’s novel Gap Creek, which I thought was a good book However, I felt being selected as an Oprah Book Club Book is what pushed it onto the best seller self.


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