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The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly (audio)

The Brass Verdict
Michael Connelly
ISBN: 1600244017
ISBN: 9781600244018

Unabridged, 10CDs, 11.5hrs
Hachette Audio
Read by Peter Giles

Hardcover, 432 Pages
Little, Brown & Company

New York Times Bestselling author Michael Connelly takes a leap of literary faith uniting two well known characters in one novel and lands softly amid adoring fans and rave reviews. Actor Peter Giles narrates, bringing the characters to life with special wording, accents and voice inflections, individualizing each, making the characters recognizable and believable.  

In 2005’s The Lincoln Lawyer, we were left with Haller’s promise that he would return – and return he has…albeit divorced, estranged from his daughter and recovering from both the gun shot wound and an addiction to pain killers. With his ex-wife (Lorna) as secretary/manager and her fiancée (Cisco), as his lead investigator, Mickey plans to slowly recoup his clientele and rebuild his rolling practice. Operating a lucrative law office from the backseat of a Lincoln town car was but one of his signature tricks and he was determined to reassert himself as the quintessential Lincoln Lawyer.

But his plans for a slow comeback are fast tracked when fellow attorney Jerry Vincent is found murdered in the parking garage adjacent to his office. Summoned to a closed door meeting with Chief Judge Holder, Haller is unceremoniously informed he has inherited Vincent’s practice and is responsible for his case load. A laundry list of cases was the last thing Haller wanted, so he quickly disposed of most of them. However, there was one case he hoped to maintain – that of millionaire, studio executive Walter Elliot, accused of murdering his wife and her lover. 

It would appear Vincent’s untimely demise handed Haller the goose that laid the golden egg, wrapped in box with a beautiful bow…but, then again, nothing is ever as it appears, is it?

Attorney Mickey Haller, from The Lincoln Lawyer’s and Detective Harry Bosch (33 year veteran of the police dept), from the celebrated Bosch series, share the spotlight in this murder-mystery-legal drama, sparring and teasing each other throughout with bits of carefully worded information meant to illicit more than it reveals. Forever questioning the intentions of the other, on the surface they seem to represent polar opposite points of view, but they have a great deal more in common than either is willing to acknowledge.
This novel barely scratches the proverbial literary surface of this brotherly relationship and I am anxious to see Connelly explore this further in the future.

Exciting, interesting and filled with twists that satisfy fully – “The Brass Verdict” is a solid good read!

Happy Reading!
RJ McGill

CLICK @HERE@ to read an excerpt from The Brass Verdict (via Open Book)

Brass Verdict = cop slang for an execution


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BoneMan’s Daughters by Ted Dekker

BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker

BoneMan’s Daughters
Ted Dekker

ISBN: 9781600246043
ISBN: 1600246044
Unabridged, 9CD, 10.5hr
Center Street Publishing

Hachette Audio
read by Robert Petkoff

*Special conversation with author @CD9”
Ted Dekker, author of 20+ best selling novels, beloved by a dedicated how is it possible that many booklovers aren’t familiar with this incredible body of work? Because Dekker’s books have been classified spiritual or Christian – and that tag caused readers to leave the book on the shelf, thus missing out on some of the most prolific, character driven writing penned in recent years. BoneMan’s Daughters showcases Ted Dekker at his dark thriller best!

Good vs evil? Right vs wrong? That fine line that divides the two sides, the one that is usually so easily defined, can, in the right, or should I say, wrong set of circumstances, blur – when confronted by the unimaginable, the impossible becomes not only plausible, but almost understandable, maybe even excusable, right?

BoneMan’s Daughters opens somewhere in the Iraqi dessert, with Military Investigator Captain Ryan Evans’ convoy being attacked. Evans is taken hostage and held in a bunker by a man named Khalid. The newspapers would refer to the kidnappers as insurgents or radicals, neither is accurate. The truth, is far more frightening, Khalid, like Ryan was a father, and his child was killed by a Coalition bombing. The anger and resentment that grew within this man was palpable and he would force Ryan to experience “collateral damage,” first hand! Khalid presented Ryan with a choice, murder an Iraqi child or sacrifice his family in the child’s’ place.

The events in the desert changed Ryan Evans – he realized he had neglected his family, that it would take a long time to heal the wounds his absences had inflicted upon those he loved, but he returned to Austin determined to make things right with his wife, Celine and their adopted daughter, Bethany and move on with their lives. However, fate had yet another twist in store for Ryan Evans, it seems Celine had already moved on…and into the arms of the District Attorney. As for Bethany, well, at 16, with images of NY City and a new modeling gig dancing in her head, she wasn’t interested in Ryan’s new found Fatherly love. With horrific images from Iraq haunting him day and night, divorce looming and losing his daughter, Ryan is on the verge and retreats into himself. And then, the story heats up, shifting into overdrive and barreling straight into Ryan Evans heart.

And the hits just keep on coming…

News Flash – notorious serial killer, BoneMan released from prison on a technicality… BoneMan, that single word conjured up disturbing, hellish memories for locals. The name refers to his method of murder, meticulously breaking the bones of his teenage female victims, without perforating the skin. After a two year hiatus, a teenage girl is abducted…BoneMan’s quest to find the perfect daughter continues. It would seem all eyes would be on the recently released prisoner – but not so…some very well informed investigators see the two year lull coincides quite nicely with Ryan Evans deployment. But Evans doesn’t have time to be upset or offended by such outrageous accusations…BoneMan has his daughter, Bethany and if Ryan can’t find her in time, she will suffer the same fate as the six young girls before her, becoming forever one of BoneMan’s Daughters.

A spine-tingling tale of family, betrayal, suffering, and survival. The narrator’s use of strong inflections, varied accents and emotional tones and speeds breathes life into these fictional characters, making each feel not only real, but personally familiar. Dekker’s use of current events and headline worthy subplots adds yet another level of chilling realism to BoneMan’s Daughters. A well written, well delivered novel that demonstrates Dekker’s ability as a first rate writer and assures us (readers) we have a lot to look forward too.

Happy Reading!
Msg from RJ: "Live, Laugh, Love & Read!"
RJ McGill

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Also available in Hardcover & Large Print Hardcover
BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker

“To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men.”
– Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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Fourth Watcher by Tim Hallinan **

The Fourth Watcher by Timothy Hallinan

The Fourth Watcher
A Novel of Bangkok
Timothy Hallinan
ISBN-10: 0061257257
ISBN-13: 978-0061257254
Harper Collins Publishing

To say that Timothy Hallinan’s second installment in the Bangkok series starts off with a bang is…well, exactly what it does…from that initial blast to the closing words you are immersed Poke Rafferty’s world, where nothing is what it seems. Whether you’re an international traveler, well versed in Asian cultures or a homebody like me, The Fourth Watcher brings Bangkok to life. The vivid, lush imagery, believable characters and high stakes plot line will keep you turning pages. Hallinan utilizes every tool at his disposal to deliver a complete reading experience. Even the chapter titles add flavor to this remarkable read!

Poke is an ever-so- likable character you simply can‘t help but cheer for! He‘s quick witted and absolutely devoted to his fiancee’ Rose and their eight year old, adopted daughter Miaow. Determined to provide a better life for his two best girls, he decides to write an espionage thriller. Realizing he needs to be familiar with the topic in order to be authentic, he hires Ex-CIA Agent Arnold Prettyman to assist him with his research.  Stumbling upon information concerning a recent flood of counterfeit money from North Korea puts Poke and Rose in the Secret Service’s crosshairs. However, the plot thickens when Rose is accused of passing the fake bills through her cleaning business.

If this weren’t enough to complicate their lives, Frank, Poke’s estranged Father re-enters the picture after years of silence…and he isn’t alone. Poke is apprehensive, but Rose encourages him to give his father a second chance. As usual, where Frank is concerned, trouble is not far behind and this time his connections to the underworld have endangered Poke’s family too.

Throughout the novel Miaow is nothing short of a subtle hero. The adorable, street wise Miaow displays a degree of maturity that is far beyond her tender years. This child’s ability to rise above all the tough, lonely times she endured is amazing, but to do so without becoming jaded is a testament to the power of the human spirit and the healing power of love. The Fourth Watcher is masterfully written, highlighting Hallinan’s knowledge of the culture and his genuine affection for its people. Rich, alluring details draw the reader in, providing a deeply satisfying read. The characters have been assembled with the care of a loving parent and the scenic imagery is worthy of a spot in Louve. I recommend this book to all who enjoy an intriguing story with memorable characters, some easy to love, others, very easy to despise. And with the third book in the series releasing this summer, now is the ideal time to get to know Timothy Hallinan’s Poke Rafferty.
In a nutshell the title of chapter 14 says it best, “It’s not coming from the direction you expect.”

Happy Reading!
~ RJ

😉 A Nail Through The Heart (book 1, Bangkok series)

A Nail Through The Heart by Timothy Hallinan

CLICK HERE to read our review.

Check out both books in this Bangkok series!

Check out both books in this Bangkok series!


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Book Signing

0061284742Bones of Betrayal

February 5, 2009  – 7pm
Books-A-Million Johnson City, TN

Jefferson Bass

To say I was excited when I picked up the flyer advertising co-authors, Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bass would be in town for a book signing…promoting the latest in their best selling Body Farm series, (entitled Bones of Betrayal)would be putting it mildly. All avid readers and booklovers will agree, a book signing is a real treat…but, when you live in an Upper East Tennessee city, that would barely be a blip on the map if it weren’t for Nascar Racing, attending a book signing within 150 miles of home is most definitely a Treat!   😉
The evenings activities were scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., I would be a few minutes late, but that was okay…better late than never, right?

A wonderfully short, fifteen minute drive and we were pulling into the parking lot…Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with my history…it wasn’t all that long ago that I drove five hours (one way), to meet Donald McCaig, author of Rhett Butler’s People, the long awaited sequel to Gone With The Wind. (If anyone is interested, CLICK HERE, to see the pictures and read about my trip.) Okay, where am I? Oh yes, we found an empty space, parked the car and skeddadled into the bookstore. Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bass introduced themselves, giving a brief summary of their respective backgrounds and the basis for The Body Farm series. Finally it was our turn to ask questions – and as soon as the floor was opened to the audience, someone asked the question that swirls in my mind with each novel I read…”are the characters in the book based on real people?” The answer went something like this – each of the characters in the books are based in reality – most are a creative compilation of several people.

For those of you who have read the Body Farm novels, you will be familiar with Miss Georgia and for everyone else, maybe this will spark your curiosity –  😉
One of the audience members asked about the origin of the zany, over-the-top character, Miss Georgia. Jon Jefferson smiled and told us how this outlandish character got her name. A young woman’s high bid at a charity auction won her the right to name a character – and this woman wanted to honor her beloved Mother and have the character named after her Mom…Miss Georgia Youngblood. After reading the book, both Mother and Daughter were thrilled with the character. And Mom enjoyed telling her friends that the outrageous, African-American Transvestite was named after her! 🙂

After half-an-hour of revealing interesting tid bits of information, more than a few laughs and several more questions, everyone lined up to get autographs. It was nice to see the writers take a few minutes with each person…exchanging pleasantries, smiling for photos and signing every book placed on the table. I was in no hurry, so I ordered a latte’ and sat quietly with my husband, talking and waiting my turn at the signing table. Once my book was signed and I had a few more pictures for my scrapbook, we gathered our things and headed for home.

It was a nice evening – informative, entertaining and FUN! If you get a chance to attend a Jefferson-Bass signing I encourage you to go!

Happy Reading!



New from Brad Thor

* * * COMING JULY 2008* * *
Cover Image

From Simon & Schuster Publishing

Visit Brad Thor’s high-tech website click here

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Butta & the Tower of Bling

Butta and the Tower of Bling
by Corey A Burkes
Fiction/Urban Fiction/Suspense-Thriller
ISBN 10: 0979635209
ISBN 13: 978-0979635205

Skyelight Literature

Corey Burkes has defined Urban Fiction with his debut novel, Butta and the Tower of Bling.  Delivering a suspenseful, action packed read that is absolutely original and loaded with in your face attitude.

Lingo Stein had gone to great lengths to establish his company, Stein Diamonds as the number one diamond producing company in the world and he would go even further to protect it. Certain that Lingo Stein’s vast enterprise and extensive wealth had been built upon a creation stolen from her father, Butta dedicated herself to one thing…revenge!Getting her hands on a man that was seemingly untouchable would take a great deal of planning and would involve substantial risks. Together with three of her trusted friends Butta begins laying the groundwork for the a high tech heist and a cold-blooded execution. Fifteen years in the making, Lingo unveils his latest project, a diamond vault, housed in a brand new, state of the art tower. And this is just what Butta had been waiting for…but she would have only one shot…she had to make it count! Successfully breaching Lingo’s extensive and quite deadly security system was only part of a much larger plan. The questions swirl as the tension rises…Can revenge bring comfort to the grieving? How far is too far? A refreshing novel that never feels fake or rushed…it flows easily, with each chapter adding depth and substance to this detailed picture of urban culture. You will find no cookie-cut characters or stifled dialogue here, instead, Burkes allowed the cast of characters to be true to themselves– If a character is an unpolished rogue thief, the context of their narrative reads as such. Burkes ability to draw out such strong emotions and portray dastardly deeds from polar opposite positions propels the story. The ugliness that keeps the wheels of power and greed turning even at the expense of others as opposed to the love of a daughter for her father and the lengths to which she will go to avenge his death makes for an original reading experience. With such originality and strength, I look forward to reading Burkes future works.

Happy Reading!
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Gentle Axe by R.N. Morris –

Cover Image

Gentle Axe
by R.N. Morris (aka Roger Morris)
ISBN 10: 0143113267
ISBN 13: 978-0143113263
Penguin Group USA
March 2008
Paperback, 352pp
Historical Fiction/Crime Novel

Also available in Hardcover, Audiobook-CD, MP3 CD

For readers that have been yearning for a book that speaks with an older, wiser voice, written in a long forgotten style, with a classic fluidity that can only be penned by a select few…Here ya’ go! R. N. Morris has delivered a novel that embraces the historic elements of a true masterpiece, indulges the nostalgic desires of the quintessential reader and satisfies even the most discerning contemporary suspense-thriller lover!

Fyodor Dostoevsky first introduced readers to criminal investigator Porfiry Petrovich, in the 1866 novel Crime & Punishment. The book is centered around the murder of a pawnbroker and her half-sister by a deranged, impoverished student, named Raskolnikov. It is a year after this mind-numbing case that Morris picks up the story and takes the reader deep into the investigator’s life and of course, a brand new murder mystery.

Searching for firewood in St. Petersburg’s Petrovsky Park, a woman stumbles upon a dead body hanging from a tree. Nearby, a second body, that of a dwarf, is found in a suitcase. A laundry list of items were initially left at the scene, however, by the time investigator Petrovich is alerted, via an anonymous tip, anything of value is missing, thus complicating an already difficult case. The search for answers will take the rotund detective through many facets of Russian society, from the dark, dank squalid apartments of the slums to the elegant, sprawling homes of the sophisticated elite. As the Park investigation continues, other, seemingly unrelated murders occur, forcing the investigation in a surprisingly new direction. To solve the Park case, Petrovich will have to think outside the box…connecting the dots of this disturbing case will prove to be even more difficult than the case that had defined him.

Morris unravels the layers of St. Petersburg and its residents, slowly, like a delicious, blooming onion, allowing the reader to savor the flavor and enjoy each and every bite. There are strong, no-non-sense characters and those that bring a lighter, at times, humorous element to the story, thus eliciting a myriad of emotions from the reader. Gentle Axe is not littered with red herrings and preemptive spoilers, instead it is based on a clever plot, written with artistic flair. The characters are drawn with the kind of intimate detail one ascertains from a photograph and the settings are constructed with the artistic eye of a painter. The author took a significant, yet calculated risk- borrowing the lead character, setting and back story from the famous work of a beloved writer, which could easily garner a host of negativity. However, creating a sequel that feels Dostoevsky-like, that reads like a true Morris original,  is a note-worthy accomplishment, indeed!A spell-binding novel that will definitely keep you up late…reading! And you’ll want to share this one with friends and coworkers –it’s really that good!

Happy Reading!
  – RJ


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The First Commandment by Brad Thor

Cover ImageThe First Commandment
Brad Thor
ISBN 10: 1-4165-4379-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-4165-4379-4
Atria Books
A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc

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The Good Guy by Dean Koontz

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The Good Guy
Dean Koontz
ISBN-10: 0553804812
ISBN-13: 9780553804812
400 Pages
Bantam Books Read the rest of this entry »


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Re: Power Play by Joseph Finder

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power-play-by-joe-finder.jpg Power Play
by Joseph Finder
fiction * 384 pages
St Martin’s Press

 Power Play is a clever, action packed read that’s firing on all cylinders…intelligent, intriguing and absolutely entertaining– a boardroom blockbuster that demands to be read in single sitting and leaves you breathless, yet wanting more. 

When CEO, Peter Rawlings, suffers a fatal heart attack while golfing at Pebble Beach, Cheryl Tobin is named as his replacement. In Hammond Aerospace’s male dominated executive suite, this wrinkles more than a few oxford button downs. Then a competitor’s newly designed plane crashes in a ball of flames during an air show in Paris. Which results in millions of dollars in new contracts, as customers scramble to get in line for the new Hammond jet. Because of this unexpected development, VP, Michael Zorn is unable to attend the annual executive retreat. On the day of their scheduled departure, his assistant, Jake Landry is summoned to attend the event in his place.

The lodge is located on an isolated Canadian lake, hidden deep in the vast British Colombian wilderness, where guests are treated to all the perks with none of the disturbances. Miles from the nearest cell phone or laptop King Chinook Lodge was the ideal place to brain storm and bond. Unfortunately, it was those very same characteristics that made it the perfect target for a high stakes kidnapping. And as fate would have it, the assistant, that wasn’t supposed to be there is the executives only hope for survival and the string that unravels a well planned ransom scheme.

This was one of the best books I have read (in any genre) and will certainly remain in my top 10 for a very long time.

The author has gone to great lengths to ensure the dialogue is as accurate as possible…the result is a wholly engrossing, exciting story that’s nearly impossible to put down! Modern issues, such as corporate kidnappings and glass ceilings, money laundering and sabotage are written with a depth and understanding that lend an unusual air of credibility to this novel.

 King Chinook Lodge is an integral part of the story, both allowing the danger to present itself and propelling the situation to its climatic and unavoidable culmination. Throughout the novel, fragments of the past are revealed, allowing the reader to become emotionally connected and invested in the story. Disturbing and thought provoking “Power Play” is a top notch thriller that is immensely satisfying and wildly entertaining!

We all hope there’s a Jake Landry character on our bus or staying in our hotel…or in the next Joe Finder novel! I can’t wait!

Happy Reading!
3Rs-Real Reader Review
power-play-by-joe-finder.jpgClick to
Visit Amazon’s Page for Power Play


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Re:Look Into the Eyes of Evil

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 purchase a copy of:

look-into-the-eyes-of-evil-by-pk-parker.jpg  Look Into The Eyes of Evil
An FBI Badge of Honor Mystery

by P.K. Parker

ISBN: 9780977250554
ISBN: 097725055

“Look Into The Eyes of Evil” – the first installment in the new action packed FBI Badge of Honor Series from PK Parker
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Review: Blood of Paradise by David Corbett

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blood-of-paradise-by-david-corbett.jpgBlood Of Paradise
David Corbett
ISBN: 978-0-8129-7733-2
Fiction – 448 pages
Random House Mortalis
March 2007

Inspired by the eloquent, yet deeply disturbing Greek tragedies of long ago, Blood of Paradise, is a dark novel, penned by one of today’s most passionate writers. David Corbett’s third novel, shines an unflinching and unapologetic light into the backrooms and back-alleys, corporate boardrooms and finally, the lofty and corrupt offices of the politicians sworn to serve and protect.
Whether defined or haunted by, his late father’s choices, Jude McManus left Chicago and joined the Army. He now provides protection services for high profile executives in El Salvador. Assigned to guard Axel Odelberg, an American hydrologist, hired to evaluate the effects a proposed bottling plant expansion may have on local water supplies. The powers that be expect a “rubber stamp report”, and will go to any lengths to ensure both favorable findings and total silence.A brilliant liar and master manipulator, Bill Malvasio knew Jude McManus was an easy target. Exploiting his father’s memory and using their friendship as a base, Malvasio spun a story filled with half truths. He explained to Jude that an old warrant prevented him from returning to the US. He asked Jude to escort the ex-cop, Phil Strock (the third member of his father’s disgraced trio) back to El Salvador.While not entirely certain of Malvasio’s intentions, Jude agrees.

However, he soon realizes all is not what it seems, as he finds himself in the eye of life-threatening storm fueled by greed and maintained through violence. The true extent of the danger slowly becomes apparent as the Salvadoran mob flexes its’ muscle, ordering the murder of a female villager that complained her well was destroyed by the water project. Soon thereafter, an infant is kidnapped to guarantee her mother’s silence.The characters are flawed, three dimensional and absolutely believable. Throughout the novel recognizing good and evil becomes more difficult, as the reader begins to question their own moral assumptions and attitudes. The plot and subplots work well together and often propel each other forward. Intricately layered and complicated, Corbett revs up the suspense and the stakes as the novel hurtles toward the conclusion.With a practiced eye for detail, Corbett’s thoughts on the modern predicament are as insightful as they are chilling. Acknowledging the complexity of the politics and the difficult decisions being made by politicians, lends a realism to the novel, making it almost impossible to discern the line between fact and fiction. He weaves a myriad of seemingly disparate situations in the world – gang activity, terrorism, US foreign policy, corruption, murder, – into a seamless story that ties everything together. Exceptionally well written, with haunting depictions that capture both the beauty and the despair of a land and its people, which no longer seem so foreign or distant.Powerful, shocking and thought provoking, Blood of Paradise is a challenging read that I would recommend to all who enjoy serious thrillers. For interested readers, Corbett included a dossier at the end of the book, describing the political atmosphere of El Salvador.

Happy Reading!
RJ McGill
3Rs-Real Reader Reviews

Personal Note:
A dense and complex read, I often found myself returning to previous chapters to clarify the various aspects linking the characters. (A character list was an absolute necessity.) Also, I was frustrated by the use of undefined and obscure Spanish words that could not be interpreted by the surrounding text.


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Re: Dead On by Ann Kelly

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Dead On

by Ann Kelly (aka Kelly Jameson)
ISBN 10: 0595326641 
ISBN 13:  9780595326648
Pages 204

Dead On is a thrilling, intellectually fearless novel that seamlessly blends horror, mystery, and the paranormal, to deliver a fast paced, provocative and highly entertaining read.

Ann Yang hoped to escape the ugliness of her divorce and start over in the quiet Pennsylvania suburb of Doylestown. Settling into her job as Medical Examiner, with renovations to her house underway, she was putting the past where it belonged… in the past. However, that notion is short lived as a ruthless killer begins to hone his sinister craft in Ann’s backyard. When bodies are discovered, obviously staged, the killer’s one-of-a-kind signature placed beneath the tongue, taunting police, Ann finds herself in the middle of a madman’s reality. With her colleagues unaccustomed to high profile crimes and mystified by the murders, Ann calls on close friend and retired FBI profiler, Tony Cole for assistance. Together they follow the clues from Pennsylvania to New Orleans, only to find themselves wrapped in an unending enigma of impossible to answer questions.

Adding yet another dimension to this multi-layered story is the discovery of an old diary that immediately captures Ann’s attention and captivates her unusual abilities of perception. Dating back over a hundred years, the time worn pages reveal intimate details surrounding the disappearance of a young girl, which remained unsolved. Could this be related? Are the hypnosis induced visions of being murdered in past lives clouding or possibly shaping reality? The one thing that is abundantly clear this psychopath has Ann squarely in his sights and she has unwittingly become the ultimate pawn in a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

The characters while sharply drawn are as fluid as the ink of this phenomenal author’s pen. The expert use of dialogue brings the characters to life and delivers a disturbingly delicious reading experience. Although a quick read, Kelly spares no punches when it comes to complexity, depth and suspense. Palpable tension builds as the story speeds, almost recklessly toward the shocking but satisfying conclusion.

Ann Kelly’s tantalizing debut novel is well researched, intelligently portrayed and delivered with unbridled passion. The subtle clues embedded throughout keep the reader involved and guessing, without preemptive spoilers. The mystery within a mystery allows Kelly to simultaneously develop multiple angles, cleverly weaving an intricate web of murder and mayhem, past life regression and brilliant detection. Dead On is an absolute knock out!

Happy Reading!
RJ McGill
3Rs-Real Reader Reviews

Available at online bookstores, local brick & mortars – pick up your copy today!Dead On
Ann Kelly
ISBN-10: 0-595-32664-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-595-326648


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Re: Hooked by Matt Richtel

by Matt Richtel
read by Jason Singer
hooked-by-matt-richtel.jpgFiction/Thriller(abridged audio)

ISBN-10: 1-59483-968-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-59483-968-9
Hachette Audio
Nat Idle, a freelance journalist who decided after graduating from medical school that he was better suited for a career writing about versus practicing medicine, left the required residency program and never looked back. The novel opens as Nat sits in a San Francisco Cafe, reading a book when a woman places a folded note on the edge of his table, then, without pause quickly exits the cafe. He picks up the note and attempts to follow the mysterious woman outside, only to catch a brief glimpse of her speeding away in a red Saab. He then reads the note….”Get out of the cafe–Now”! It was much more than the words that grabbed Nat, it was the script – it was Annie’s handwriting. Annie, his deceased girlfriend, for whom his heart still ached. How? His swirling thoughts are interrupted, as at that very moment the cafe explodes, knocking him off his feet.

This single terrifying moment changes Nat’s life once again, and launches the story into overdrive. Richtel takes the reader on a fast paced journey, full of relentless action and drama. With the added dimension of Jason Singer narrating, readers can easily visualize the sharply etched, strong characters Richtel created, especially the ruthless, clever and devilishly ingenious Kendle family. The exact circumstances surrounding the loss of Annie aren’t explained until later, which adds to the tension and myriad of questions that urge the reader on. Nat appears to be a hopeless romantic unable to bury the past and move forward. But this too will be understood as yet another ingredient of this carefully woven high tech web of deceit is revealed.

Hooked is the perfect title for this debut novel from Matt Richtel. Undoubtedly after this reading experience, there will be lots of readers hooked on Richtel’s strong delivery. Hooked will leave even the most astute suspense thriller fan in awe of Richtel’s ability to weave the unimaginable into the very fabric of reality. You will never again surf the web or check email without wondering, if only for a brief second…”what if?” …then, the uncomfortable laugh as you shake it off as…paranoid lunacy!
But is it? Or… are we already, hooked?


Also available in paperback

paperback, Pg 292

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Re: The Life of A Soldier by GW Grant

The Life of A Soldier
by G W Grantgw_grant.jpg
252 pages (April 11, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1430313722
ISBN-13: 978-1430313724  

(availble in paperback, hardcover & soon to be released on audio: cassett/CD)

G W Grant’s solo debut has it all! This is an action packed novel that grabs you on page one and doesn’t let go. The reader will find exquisite gems of insight in this original work. Comprised of 252 pages, this is an informative, no nonsense read that leaves you wishing to pick-up a sequel immediately.

The story follows Bill Miles, who at twenty-five had just graduated from college with a master’s degree in business, and decided to join the Army. Sharp, quick witted and ready to take on the world, Miles completes Officers Training and receives his commission. Later, he is deployed to the Middle East as the commander of an elite, counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit, only known to those in the highest levels of government. From Fort Bragg to Iran, Miles finds himself in the midst of an invisible war, tracking a faceless enemy that hides within the civilian population and adheres to no code of conduct. He’s even forced to struggle with his superiors as his soldiers are ordered to maintain ridiculous rules of engagement when confronting this new enemy. This same amorphous struggle that now ravages the Middle East, from Gaza to Kandahar, struggles in which religion, nationalism and terrorism have assumed unimaginable degrees of ferocity, are all part of daily life, in
“The Life of A Soldier”.

Grant delivers the most intimate and detailed look into the life of a soldier, that we are likely to see for some years. Masterful in his presentation of the complexities of the human drama being played out in the deserts of the Middle East. Extremely well researched and brilliantly executed, The Life of A Soldier gives the reader a front row seat, with the counter-terrorism unit, fighting bureaucracy, trying to maintain a personal life, while surrounded by an enemy determined to destroy our way of life. Don’t miss this one! Despite your political affiliations this is a must read book.

Happy Reading!
RJ   😀
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*Sequel – “Prelude To 9-11” tenatively scheduled for release January 2008!

Personal Note:
I’ve been married 15 years and never in that time has my husband read a book from cover to cover. Not once! However, “Life of A Soldier” changed that. He enjoyed this novel immensely. So much so that he is now searching for a second book that grabs his attention the way this one did! Thank goodness GW Grant’s sequel, “Prelude to 9-11”, is scheduled for release in early 2008. 


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Re: Twisted Perception by Bob Avey

Twisted Perception
Bob Avey

ISBN-13: 978-0-937660-31-7
ISBN-10: 0-937660-31-0
Deadly Niche Press, an imprint of AWOC Books


Bob Avey hits the ground running with his solo debut into the mystery-suspense genre. Twisted Perception is filled with brilliantly written characters that are as believable as they are entertaining. Kenny Elliot had a tumultuous childhood, growing up in the small town of Porter, Oklahoma. Never knowing his father and with little guidance from his troubled mother, Kenny found a friend and mentor in Sheriff Charlie Johnson. When the mutilated bodies of his friends, Johnnie Boy and Marcia Barnes are found, in a car, with Kenny’s class ring swinging on a necklace from the rear-view mirror, suspicion and town gossip pointed to the hot tempered teen. The case was officially closed when the deaths were classified a murder-suicide. However, doubts persisted within the community about Kenny’s involvement. Unable to shake the suspicions and unsure of the findings himself, he took Sheriff Johnson’s advice and left town, with no intentions of ever returning.

Nine years have passed, and Kenny Elliot is working for the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department. When Lagayle Zimmerman’s murdered body is discovered in her car, it’s the shiny necklace dangling from the rear-view mirror that catapults the detective into the spot light. As the clues mount, the crooked finger of blame seems to be aiming once again at Kenny. Plagued by nightmares and haunted by unanswered questions, he finally realized it was impossible to escape the past. Risking everything, including his own sanity, he returns to Porter determined to uncover the truth that would stop the killings, find justice for his murdered friends and clear both his name and conscientious.

Fast paced and realistic, Twisted Perception is a character driven novel, laced with intricate plot lines that could easily be part of the hushed history of any small town in America. With clinical precision, Avey has delivered a suspense filled mystery that reaches far beyond surface entertainment, to expose the deep, often hidden psychological scars left on the souls of child abuse survivors. Avey indulges Kenny’s ruminations about the old traumas that fuel his nightmares, successfully using his personal history to propel the story, instead of swallowing it whole. The palpable tension in the novel is heightened with each chapter as Avey takes the reader on a full-circle journey, reminding everyone, no matter how far or fast, you can’t outrun your past.

Happy Reading!
RJ xx
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