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Hope to Die by James Patterson

Hope to Die by James Patterson
  • ISBN-13: 9781611130362
  • ISBN-10: 1611130360
  • Publisher: Little Brown and Company
  • Publish Date: November 2014
  • Page Count: 8
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Can you believe we had to wait a year for answers? Thankfully it was well worth the wait. Hope to Die is James Patterson at his finest. Cross My Heart left me checking the box for another CD, wondering who wrote it. Now Hope to Die has me hoping for the next book, next week!

Hope to Die is one of the most emotionally charged suspense/thrillers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. James Patterson definitely switched his writing back to what made fans fall in love with Alex Cross in the first place. Everything fans hated about Cross My Heart has been replaced by solid writing that grabs you from the opening scene and continues to hook you, chapter after chapter. Hope to Die is written in classic Patterson style, with crisp, short chapters. Michael Boatman and Scott Sower do an incredible job narrating. The way they use their vocal talents to make each character stand apart from the other, making it easy for listeners to form an attachment to the good guys and hate the bad guys.

Alex Cross’ world has descended into the seventh circle of hell. He’s lost the two things he holds dear…his family and his badge. Thiery Mulch, one of the most demented psychopaths ever to match wits with Cross abducts his family and vows to kill them if Cross doesn’t meet his every demand. So when mutilated bodies are discovered, everyone is convinced it’s Cross’ missing family. The lines between right and wrong have always been pretty well defined for Alex. But with the lives of his loved ones at stake, that which was so black and white, begins to gray.

Patterson has delivered a damn good book with Hope to Die. The action is unrelenting and there’s so much tension in every chapter, I felt emotionally exhausted at the conclusion.

If you’re a Alex Cross fan Hope to Die is the book you’ve been “hoping” James Patterson would write. Don’t miss it!

hope to die


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BoneMan’s Daughters by Ted Dekker

BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker

BoneMan’s Daughters
Ted Dekker

ISBN: 9781600246043
ISBN: 1600246044
Unabridged, 9CD, 10.5hr
Center Street Publishing

Hachette Audio
read by Robert Petkoff

*Special conversation with author @CD9”
Ted Dekker, author of 20+ best selling novels, beloved by a dedicated how is it possible that many booklovers aren’t familiar with this incredible body of work? Because Dekker’s books have been classified spiritual or Christian – and that tag caused readers to leave the book on the shelf, thus missing out on some of the most prolific, character driven writing penned in recent years. BoneMan’s Daughters showcases Ted Dekker at his dark thriller best!

Good vs evil? Right vs wrong? That fine line that divides the two sides, the one that is usually so easily defined, can, in the right, or should I say, wrong set of circumstances, blur – when confronted by the unimaginable, the impossible becomes not only plausible, but almost understandable, maybe even excusable, right?

BoneMan’s Daughters opens somewhere in the Iraqi dessert, with Military Investigator Captain Ryan Evans’ convoy being attacked. Evans is taken hostage and held in a bunker by a man named Khalid. The newspapers would refer to the kidnappers as insurgents or radicals, neither is accurate. The truth, is far more frightening, Khalid, like Ryan was a father, and his child was killed by a Coalition bombing. The anger and resentment that grew within this man was palpable and he would force Ryan to experience “collateral damage,” first hand! Khalid presented Ryan with a choice, murder an Iraqi child or sacrifice his family in the child’s’ place.

The events in the desert changed Ryan Evans – he realized he had neglected his family, that it would take a long time to heal the wounds his absences had inflicted upon those he loved, but he returned to Austin determined to make things right with his wife, Celine and their adopted daughter, Bethany and move on with their lives. However, fate had yet another twist in store for Ryan Evans, it seems Celine had already moved on…and into the arms of the District Attorney. As for Bethany, well, at 16, with images of NY City and a new modeling gig dancing in her head, she wasn’t interested in Ryan’s new found Fatherly love. With horrific images from Iraq haunting him day and night, divorce looming and losing his daughter, Ryan is on the verge and retreats into himself. And then, the story heats up, shifting into overdrive and barreling straight into Ryan Evans heart.

And the hits just keep on coming…

News Flash – notorious serial killer, BoneMan released from prison on a technicality… BoneMan, that single word conjured up disturbing, hellish memories for locals. The name refers to his method of murder, meticulously breaking the bones of his teenage female victims, without perforating the skin. After a two year hiatus, a teenage girl is abducted…BoneMan’s quest to find the perfect daughter continues. It would seem all eyes would be on the recently released prisoner – but not so…some very well informed investigators see the two year lull coincides quite nicely with Ryan Evans deployment. But Evans doesn’t have time to be upset or offended by such outrageous accusations…BoneMan has his daughter, Bethany and if Ryan can’t find her in time, she will suffer the same fate as the six young girls before her, becoming forever one of BoneMan’s Daughters.

A spine-tingling tale of family, betrayal, suffering, and survival. The narrator’s use of strong inflections, varied accents and emotional tones and speeds breathes life into these fictional characters, making each feel not only real, but personally familiar. Dekker’s use of current events and headline worthy subplots adds yet another level of chilling realism to BoneMan’s Daughters. A well written, well delivered novel that demonstrates Dekker’s ability as a first rate writer and assures us (readers) we have a lot to look forward too.

Happy Reading!
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RJ McGill

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Also available in Hardcover & Large Print Hardcover
BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker

“To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men.”
– Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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Visions IN Death by JD Robb (audio)

Visions in Death (In Death)
Visions In Death
Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb
ISBN-10: 1-59355539-3
ISBN 13: 978-1593555399
Audio Cassette – Read by Susan Ericksen
Brilliance Audio
Putnam Publishing Group

Nora Roberts, (writing as J.D.Robb) has crafted a hard hitting, female detective series that consistently one ups itself and always finds a place at the top of the best seller charts and Visions In Death is no exception.The year is 2059 and New York City Detective, Eve Dallas is called to Central Park to investigate the murder of Elisa Maplewood. Arriving in an expensive gown and heels, Dallas seems as out of place as the horrific scene she and partner, Detective Peabody pour over. Carefully and methodically they collect anything that could possibly lead to the apprehension of a suspect. The killer had gone to great lengths and taken unnecessary risks in order to stage the scene…the victim was displayed on the rocks near the lake, her hands posed as if in prayer, with a single red ribbon around her neck. Upon closer examination, Dallas discovers the most alarming, as well as, the most telling clue, the eyes had been removed with surgical precision.

When Celina Sanchez, a licensed, registered psychic offers to help with the investigation by sharing her disturbing and surprisingly accurate visions, Dallas is less than receptive to the idea. However, after an extensive background check and some cajoling, Dallas and Peabody pay Celina a visit at her home. During their conversation, Dallas presents the psychic with the ribbon from the crime scene, to which Celina has no reaction whatsoever. When the psychic continues to question why she was unable to connect, Dallas admits it was a fake, which upsets and impresses Celina tremendously. When the actual ribbon was retrieved from an evidence bag and given to Celina, she had an immediate and severe reaction, which surprised and alarmed the two seasoned detectives. Despite following up on all leads, exhaustive searches and Celina’s visions, more bodies were discovered with the killer’s grotesque signature.

Agreeing to an interview with the press was an unusual step for Dallas, however, she had a plan and reporter Nadine Furst had the means to put it into action. If this killer was motivated by a hatred of women, if he harbored feelings of male superiority, what better way to call him out of the shadows than to have women discussing his shortcomings on television. While Dallas was right about his reaction, she miscalculated the target of his rage. She had anticipated, as the lead investigator the killer would come after her, instead her partner, Detective Peabody was viciously and mercilessly attacked.

As visions of death become shocking crime scenes, Dallas must venture inside a killer’s twisted mind to find what motivates him to do his dastardly deed. During the hunt for this psychopath, she is forced to deal with abuse issues from her childhood that she has spent a life-time trying to bury. The author takes the reader through an action-packed murder mystery, while at the same time personalizing the story through the growing bond between Dallas and husband Roarke, as well as, the relationship between Peabody and Dallas. The reader is given a glimpse into Eve’s past and the issues that haunt her, motivate her and have shaped her strong, in your face personality. The characteristics that make her such a good cop are the very same traits that force her to keep everyone at arm length distance.

The twists and turns will keep you glued to your seat, trying to figure out who is behind this latest series of murders in the city that never sleeps. An excellent audio experience that I recommend to anyone that enjoys thrillers and mysteries.

Happy Reading!
  – RJ

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Re: Ladykiller by Meredith Anthony & Lawrence Light

By Lawrence Light & Meredith Anthony
Mystery/Thriller (264 pages)
Oceanview Publishing 

Newspapers attach a media savvy nickname to murderers, in order to grab a reader’s attention. Ladykiller is no exception. The husband wife writing team of Meredith Anthony and Lawrence Light has delivered a frightening glimpse at the dark, sinister side of the city that never sleeps.

The senseless murder of four innocent women has the public demanding justice. With public tension, rising Detective Dillon gets the case. In addition to the mounting pressure to catch the killer, Dillon gets a stern ultimatum from his superiors, “catch him or you’re out.” Therefore, it is with his career on the line Detective Dillon is determined to bring justice to the Ladykiller.

Tracking the killer leads Dillon to the Crisis center and Megan Morrison, a gorgeous young social worker and her mentor and co-worker, Nita. The instant attraction between Dave and Megan creates yet another layer, bringing the reader deeper into, not only the story, but also the lives of the characters themselves. The relationship is electric between Dave and Megan. What follows is a passionate affair that could derail their investigation, as well as, their careers.

Anthony and Lawrence have created a character in the Ladykiller, with no conscience, that is able to move among the community practically unseen. He enjoys the tabloid and newspaper reports about the murders. Pausing to purchase a copy, he could not help but grin as he read, how stupid everyone was, he thought. Just because they could not fathom a reason for the carnage, certainly did not mean there was not a purpose. There was a purpose. Maybe one day not everyone would understand it, maybe.

This could very well be Detective Dillon’s last chance to right a wrong from his past, which haunts his mind and dwells deep within his soul. With time running out, answers few and far between, finding the Ladykiller is his only hope. Repeatedly studying the crime scenes, searching the grotesque photos hoping the victims would speak to him. What could link a cheerleader, a hooker, a housewife and a stockbroker? Lies, secrets, manipulations, swirl together to create an atmosphere of anxiety, anticipation and an insatiable desire to know the truth, for both Detective Dillon and the reader.

Ladykiller is superbly written, with an intense plot line, multi-dimensional characters and a setting that is detailed in such a way that it becomes an integral part of the story. This book moves forward with astonishing speed, taking the reader to places we wish only existed in movies and books. Anthony and Lawrence shine a light into the darkened alleyways and hidden underbelly of New York, bringing to the reader a gritty and unflinching view of the very things that haunt us in our nightmares.

From the safety of my own home, I felt uneasy and found myself checking the doors and turning on an extra light. To deliver a novel that is refreshing and interesting when dealing with such dark, complex issues reveals true talent. With a few questions left a bit iffy at the conclusion. It is my sincere hope that this is the beginning of novel two, as opposed to simply the end of the Ladykiller.

Happy Reading!
    RJ xxSubmitted & Acknowledged – documentation available.

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